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Battle of Elgsö
Part of the Russo-Swedish War (1788–90)
Slaget vid Älgsjölandet.jpg
Fighting in Barösund September 18, painting made by Johan Tietrich Schoultz
DateSeptember 30, 1789
LocationElgsö, Barösund, Finland
Result Swedish victory
 Sweden Russia Russian Empire
Commanders and leaders
Gustaf Mauritz Armfelt James Trevenen
500 men[1] 440 men[1]
Casualties and losses
60 killed and wounded[1] 200 killed, wounded and captured[1]

The Battle of Elgsö took place on September 30, 1789 during Russo-Swedish War (1788–90), Sweden won over the Russian Empire.

In September 1789 a Swedish force in command of Gustaf Mauritz Armfelt numbering 4,000 men were sent towards Barösund where the Swedes and Russians had actively been fighting each other with ships of various sizes. The Russians threatened the Swedes with a landing operation, whereas Armefelt was supposed to interrupt their plans. In 30 September he launched an attack with 500 men on the Russians stationed at the island of Elgsö consisting of 10 cannons and 440 men in general command of John Trevenen. In the battle the Swedes lost 12 killed and 46 wounded, the Russians had about 150 killed and wounded and 52 captured. The Russian field artillery was captured and they had to evacuate the island and did no longer possess a great threat to the Swedes.[1]


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