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The naval Battle of Elba (or Battle of Monte Cristo) was a naval battle which took place on 6 September 1652 between a Dutch fleet under Johan van Galen and an English fleet under Richard Badiley.


The English were trying to reach Livorno, where a squadron under Henry Appleton was. The captured ship, Phoenix, was recaptured 2 months later during a night raid at Livorno.

Ships involved:

Netherlands (Johan van Galen)[]

Jaarsveld 44 (flag)
Prinses Royaal 34 (Albert Cornelisz 't Hoen; killed)
Wapen van Zeeland 32 (Joost Willemsz Block; killed)
Eendracht 40 (Jacob de Boer, Vice-Admiral)
Maan 40 (David Janszoon Bondt; killed)
Vereenigde Provinciën/Zeven Provinciën 40 (Hendrick Claeszoon Swart; killed)
Haarlem 40 (Dirck Quirijn Verveen)
Maagd van Enkhuysen 34 (Cornelis Tromp)
Zeelandia 32 (Andries de Boer)
Jonge Prins 28 (Cornelis Barentszoon Slordt)

England (Richard Badiley)[]

Paragon 52 (flag)
Elizabeth 36 (Jonas Reeves)
Phoenix 36 (John Wadsworth) - Captured by Eendracht
Constant Warwick 32 (Owen Cox)
Mary Rose 32 (hired merchantman, Jonas Poole)
William and Thomas 30 (hired merchantman, John Godolphin)
Thomas Bonaventure 28 (hired merchantman, George Hughes??)
Richard and William 24 (hired merchantman, John Wise??)

Coordinates: 42°45′0″N 10°13′48″E / 42.75°N 10.23°E / 42.75; 10.23

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