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Battle of Dubravnica
Part of the Serbian-Turkish Wars and Ottoman wars in Europe
LocationDubravnica near Paraćin,  Serbia
Result Serbian victory[1]
Serbia Moravian Serbia  Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Crep and Vitomir

The Battle of Dubravnica (Битка на Дубравници) was fought in the summer of 1380 or December 1381, on the Dubravnica River near Paraćin in today's central Serbia, between the Serbian forces of Prince Lazar of Serbia led by commanders Vitomir and Crep and the invading Ottoman Turks of Sultan Murad I. The battle was the first historical mention of any Ottoman movements into Prince Lazar's territory. After this battle there is no record of any hostility between Lazar and the Turks until 1386. The Serbian army emerged victorious, although details of the battle itself are scarce. The victory temporarily slowed the Ottoman invasion of the Balkans. Here the Turks got a taste of what was to come.After being defeated two more times before the bloody Battle of Kosovo, Murad was all but ready to give up his Balkan Campaign altogether. But after the defeat of 1388 he decided to wait a full year before challenging the Serbs again to see if their coalition would survive the initial rush of the previous victory.

"v leto 6889. godine ubi Crep i Vitomir Turke na Dubravci"
"In the summer of 1380, Crep and Vitomir kills (defeats) the Turks on Dubravica"

-Lazar's chronicles[2]

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