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Coordinates: 29°52′12″N 122°18′36″E / 29.87°N 122.310°E / 29.87; 122.310

Battle of Dengbu Island
Part of the Chinese Civil War
DateNovember 3–5, 1949
LocationDengbu Island, Putuo District, China
Result Nationalist victory
Taiwan National Revolutionary Army China People's Liberation Army
Commanders and leaders
Taiwan Liu Lien-Yi China Hu Wei
Unknown from 221st Division, 67th Division, 75th Division 20,000 men+ from 61st Division with additional unit
Casualties and losses
2,173 killed and wounded 3,660+ killed
677+ captured

The Battle of Dengbu Island (登步島戰役) was a conflict between the Republic of China Army and People's Liberation Army over Dengbu Island (in the Zhoushan Islands) near mainland China. This conflict occurred from November 3, 1949 to November 5, 1949 and resulted in a Republic of China victory.

Nevertheless, the ROC was later forced to withdraw when the PRC gained air superiority over the region, leaving Dengbu Island in the control of the PRC.

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