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Battle of Dabul
Part of Portuguese battles in the East
Date29 December 1508
LocationDabul, India
Result Portuguese victory
Portuguese Empire Cambay
Commanders and leaders
Francisco de Almeida Unknown
19 ships
1,900 men
4 major ships
6,000 men [1]
Casualties and losses
Few All ships destroyed
Unknown number of men killed, captured and wounded

The Battle of Dabul was an engagement between the forces of the Viceroy of Portuguese India, Francisco de Almeida, and the forces of the Kingdom of Cambay. Despite the heavy defenses of the city and the reported presence of a major naval force of 4 very big ships, the Portuguese artillery managed from afar, causing the land army to retreat and, hence, the city to flee.

The battle was fought when the Portuguese were on their way to Diu, where they would defeat an alliance between the Mamluk Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the Sultanate of Gujarat and others.


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