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Siege of Constantine
Part of French conquest of Algeria
The failed French attack against Constantine, Algeria
Date31 november 1836
LocationConstantine, French Algeria
Result Algerian victory
France France

Algerian Resistance

Drapeau Ahmed Bey de Constantine.svg Beylek of Constantine (east)
Commanders and leaders

Bertrand Clausel
Prince Louis, Duke of Nemours
Camille Alphonse Trézel

Alexandre-Gaultier de Rigny
Ahmed Bey
Ali ben Aissa
8040 1,500
Casualties and losses
1453 deaths, 304 wounded Unknown, but low

The aim of the 1836 Battle of Constantine was to conquer the Algerian city of Constantine; the attack was a French failure.[1][2][3]


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  • The information in this article is based on that in its French equivalent.

Coordinates: 36°17′00″N 6°37′00″E / 36.2833°N 6.6167°E / 36.2833; 6.6167

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