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Battle of Condore
Part of Seven Years' War
Date9 December 1758
LocationCondore, India
Result British victory
Flag of the British East India Company (1707).svg British East India Company Royal Standard of the Kingdom of France.svg French East India Company
Commanders and leaders
Lt. Col.Francis Forde Marquis de Conflans
2,600 British
5,000 Indian Allies
6,500 French
Large force of Indian Allies

The Battle of Condore took place near Masulipatam on 9 December 1758 during the Third Carnatic War, part of the Seven Years War. An Anglo-Indian force under the command of Colonel Francis Forde attacked and defeated a similarly sized French force under the command of Conflans, capturing all their baggage and artillery. The decisive British victory allowed them to lay siege to Masulipatam which they stormed on 25 January 1759.


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