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Battle of Chemnitz
Part of the Thirty Years' War
Date14 April 1639
LocationChemnitz (present-day Germany)
Result Decisive Swedish victory
 Sweden  Electorate of Saxony
Commanders and leaders
Sweden General Banér Electorate of Saxony General Marazzino

The Battle of Chemnitz (14 April 1639) took place near the town of Chemnitz, in what is now eastern Germany, during the Thirty Years' War. Swedish forces under Johan Banér inflicted a crushing defeat on Rodolfo Giovanni Marazzino who commanded the Saxons and an Imperial detachment.[1][2]


The battle was a confused engagement in broken country north of Chemnitz. After a forced march to the area,[citation needed] the Swedish forces were able to rout a large portion of the opposing forces,[1] capturing their baggage train,[citation needed] and taking taking 1,500 prisoners.[1]


Following the battle, the Swedes occupied Pirna and advanced into Bohemia.[1]


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