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Battle of Chełm
Part of the Kościuszko Uprising
Date8 June 1794
LocationChełm, present-day Poland
Result Russo-Prussian victory
Russia Russian Empire
Kingdom of Prussia Kingdom of Prussia
Banner of Kosciuszko Uprising flat.PNG Polish rebels
Commanders and leaders
Petrowicz Zagriażski
Wilhelm Derfelden
Józef Zajączek
16,500 men
24 cannon
14 cannon
2,000 peasant soldiers
Casualties and losses
200 men 1,400-1,600

Peasant militia of 1794 by Michael Stachowicz

The Battle of Chełm was fought on June 8, 1794 between Poland and the combined forces of the Russian Empire and Prussia. The Polish were led by Józef Zajączek, the Russo-Prussian forces by Petrowicz Zagriażski and Wilhelm Derfelden. The Russo-Prussian forces consisted of 16,500 soldiers, and 24 cannons, while the Polish general only had about 6,000 soldiers, 14 cannons, and 2,000 peasant soldiers armed with war scythes. Zajączek took in the forested hills 1.5 km away from the city. In the early noon the Russian troops started the attack. After several hours of fighting Zajączek could only try to save as much of his army as possible through a withdrawal. In the battle, the Polish forces have lost between 1,400 and 1,600 men. The Russian forces have lost only about 200 men. The Russian forces were victorious.


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