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Battle of Cesenatico
Part of the Neapolitan War
Date23 April 1815
LocationCesenatico, present-day Italy
Result Austrian victory
 Austrian Empire Kingdom of the Two Sicilies Kingdom of Naples
Commanders and leaders
Adam Albert von Neipperg Joachim Murat
600 3,000
Casualties and losses
50 killed or wounded 500 killed or wounded
200 captured

The Battle of Cesenatico was a minor battle in the Neapolitan War that took place on 23 April 1815 in the town of Cesenatico on Adriatic coast. The main Neapolitan army, commanded by their king, Joachim Murat, was retreating to their original headquarters in Ancona following a string a defeats in northern Italy. The Neapolitans were being pursued by an Austrian corps under the command of Adam Albert von Neipperg. During the evening of the 23 April, whilst a Neapolitan garrison of 3,000 men were stationed in the town, a small force of 600 Austrians hussars and jägers rushed the single stone bridge into the town. In the ensuing fighting, the Austrians brought out 200 prisoners with only minor casualties whilst inflicting moderate casualties on the garrison. The following day, the rest of the Austrian advanced guard arrived at the town to find the Neapolitans had already left during the night.


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