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Battle of Carrizo Canyon
Part of Victorio's War, Apache Wars
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An Apache rifleman.
DateAugust 12, 1881
LocationCarrizo Canyon, New Mexico
Result United States victory
 United States Apache
Commanders and leaders
United States George Jordan unknown

The Battle of Carrizo Canyon was one of several battles between Apache warriors and United States Cavalry troops in New Mexico Territory. On August 12, 1881 a squad on nineteen 10th Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers were attacked by native warriors in Carrizo Canyon.


George Jordan

The overall American commander is not known though the right flank of the American forces in Carrizo Canyon during the battle were led by Sergeant George Jordan who was already a veteran of the Apache Wars. Jordan commanded at the Battle of Fort Tularosa victory a year earlier. Little is known of the event but the American troops held their exposed ground against a superior native contingent who attempted to surround the cavalry. The Apaches were repulsed and ultimately retreated, suffering some dead and wounded. Sergeant Jordan, now having won another impressive victory, would eventually receive the Medal of Honor for his leadership in the two separate battles. American casualties are unknown.


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