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Battle of Canturino
Date22 April 1363
LocationBattle of Canturino
Result Montferrat victory
Marquisate of Montferrat Duchy of Milan
Commanders and leaders
Albert Sterz, John Hawkwood Konrad von Landau
Units involved
White Company Great Company
unknown but included English, German, Hungarian and Genoese troops unknown but included German and Hungarian troops
Casualties and losses
unknown unknown. Konrad von Landau mortally wounded.

The Battle of Canturino (22 April 1363)was a clash of two condottiere companies, the long-established Great Company under Konrad von Landau and the newer White Company under Albert Sterz and John Hawkwood.[1]

The battle

The exact details of the battle are unknown. The men-at-arms of both sides are said to have dismounted to fight. The battle was swayed by two events. The Hungarians in the Great Company refused to fight their fellow countrymen in the White Company and left the field, leaving the Great Company at a disadvantage. Shortly after this, Konrad von Landau was hit in the face by a rock which broke the nosepiece of his helmet, partly incapacitating him. The loss of their leader and part of their army undermined the Great Company and they fled. Konrad von Landau was captured alive but he had been further wounded in the melee and died shortly afterwards.[2]


The Battle of Canturino led to a truce but had no other significant result other than the death of Landau. It was, however, the first field action fought by the White Company and the beginning of their rise to prominence. In July 1363, after a bidding war for its services between Pisa and Florence, the company entered Pisan employ.[3]


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Coordinates: 43°30′48″N 12°50′39″E / 43.513296°N 12.844074°E / 43.513296; 12.844074

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