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Battle of Bucharest
Part of the Romanian Campaign of World War I
Falkenhayn's cavalry entering Bucuresti on December 6, 1916.jpg
Austro-Hungarian cavalry entering Bucharest on 6 December 1916
Date25 November—3 December 1916
LocationBucharest, Romania
Result Central Powers victory
 Kingdom of Romania  German Empire
 Kingdom of Bulgaria
Commanders and leaders
Romania Constantin Prezan German Empire August von Mackensen
150,000 250,000
Casualties and losses
60,000 soldiers
85 artillery pieces
115 machine guns[1]

The Battle of Bucharest, also known as the Argeş-Neajlov Defensive Operation in Romania, was an important battle of the Romanian Campaign in World War I, in which the Central Powers occupied the Romanian capital and forced the Romanian Government, as well as the remnants of the Romanian Army to retreat to Moldova and re-establish its capital at Iaşi. The sheer number of troops involved, as well as the large area of operations, make it one of the most complex battles fought on Romanian soil during the war.

Bucharest was eventually liberated after the Central Powers' surrender in 1918.


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