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Battle of Brunnbäck Ferry
Part of Swedish War of Liberation
DateEarly April, 1521
LocationBrunnbäck, near Krylbo, Sweden
Result Decisive Swedish victory
 Sweden  Denmark
Commanders and leaders
Peder Svensson Henrik Slagheck
Henrik von Mehlen
Berend von Mehlen
Mustered Dalecarlian peasants Danish troops, mercenaries from Germany, France and Scotland
Casualties and losses
Unknown Major losses

The Battle of Brunnbäck Ferry (Swedish language: Slaget vid Brunnbäcks färja ) was the first major battle in the Swedish War of Liberation, between rebels rallied by Gustav Vasa that had marched down from occupied Falun and Danish troops from Västerås. The battle stood by the village Brunnbäck, near the ferry over Dalälven.

Governmental troops led by Henrik Slagheck, the brother of Didrik Slagheck, marched from Västerås to Dalälven, making camp near the Brunnbäck ferry. Shortly afterwards rebel troops under Peder Svensson arrived on the opposite side of the river. The rebels engaged the Danish soldiers by archery, causing many casualties and forcing the enemy to retreat. By then, Peder Svensson had already taken part of his force and out of sight moved it over the river.

When the Danes left their camp he attacked, while the remaining rebels moved over the river. The battle took place on an open area called Sonnbohed. The governmental troops resisted, but the attack was both surprising and fierce. Those who were not cut down fled either by throwing themselves into the river or on the main road, the latter being chased far into Västmanland. The battle ended as a major Swedish victory.


Coordinates: 60°7′53″N 16°15′12″E / 60.13139°N 16.25333°E / 60.13139; 16.25333

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