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The Battle of Brest (Croatian language: Bitka kod Bresta ) was fought on 19 July 1592 between the Ottoman forces of Hasan Pasha Predojević, Beylerbey of Bosnia, and the Austrian and Croatian forces led by Thomas Erdődy, Ban of Croatia. The battle was a part of the Croatian–Ottoman wars and the Ottoman–Habsburg wars between the Ottoman and the Austrian empires.

The Ottoman forces were about 7,000-8,000 men, and Erdödy's army consisted of 1,600 infantry and 400 cavalry from Styria, 500 men arrived under Erdödy's command, and an unknown number (several hundred) of peasants from Croatia. In total, the forces gathered at Erdödy's camp were about 3,000 men. Predojević arrived near by Brest with the bulk of his army on 18/19 July at night, and on 19 July he separated his forces in order to attack. Croatian forces were crushed, defeated and fled away from the battlefield. The Ottomans then attacked the Styrian forces and defeated them as well.

Following this successes, the Ottomans began to siege the Sisak's fortress.


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