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Battle of Bapaume
Part of the Franco-Prussian War
Part of the panoramic painting "Battle of Bapaume" of Charles Édouard Armand-Dumaresq showing General Faidherbe.
Date3 January 1871
LocationBapaume, France
Result Prussian strategic victory
Kingdom of Prussia Prussia France France
Commanders and leaders
Edwin Freiherr von Manteuffel Louis Faidherbe
18,000 33,000
Casualties and losses
750 soldiers
52 officers
1,569 soldiers
53 officers

The Battle of Bapaume was a battle during the Franco-Prussian War which defeated French attempts to relieve the besieged city of Prone. The battle was fought on 3 January 1871 near the town of Bapaume.

The Prussian 1st Army had reached Bapaume at the end of December while at the same time the French Army of the North under Faidherbe moved out to break the German siege of Prone. Both sides encountered each other near Bapaume. Although Faidherbe's green troops held their own against the outnumbered but experienced Prussians, they didn't follow up their advantage and retreated. As a consequence, Prone surrendered on 10 January. Soon the Prussians would be reinforced and two weeks later they would meet Faidherbe in battle again at Saint Quentin.

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