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Battle of Bantam
Part of Dutch-Portuguese War
Date27 December 1601
LocationBantam Bay, Indonesia
Result Dutch victory
 Dutch Republic Portugal Portuguese Empire
5 ships 8 galleons
several fustas
Casualties and losses
Unknown 3 fustas captured

The naval Battle of Bantam took place on 27 December 1601 in Bantam Bay, Indonesia, when an exploration fleet of 5 Dutch vessels defeated a larger Portuguese fleet including galleons and fustas.

Ships involved

  • Netherlands
    • Gelderland
    • Zeelandia (Jan Cornelisz)
    • Utrecht
    • Wachter (yacht)
    • Duyfken (yacht)
  • Portugal (André Furtado de Mendonça), 30 vessels total
    • 8 galleons
    • several fustas (similar to galleys) - 3 set alight and captured by Dutch


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