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Battle of Bafilo
Part of the Togoland Campaign in World War I
Date13 August 1914
LocationBafilo, Togoland
Result Minor German victory

France France

  • France French Dahomey

German Empire German Empire

The Battle of Bafilo was a skirmish between French and German troops in Bafilo, northeastern Togoland on 13 August 1914 at the beginning of the First World War. French forces first crossed the border between French Dahomey and Togoland on 8 or 9 of August 1914. French units in northeastern Togoland came into contact with German ones on 13 August in the districts of Sansane-Mangu and Skode-Balfilo. After some light fighting, the French company retreated after facing resistance stronger than they had expected.[1]

Although this was technically a victory for German forces, it did little to stall the Allied advance and by the end of August the colony was surrendered to the Allies.


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Coordinates: 9°21′N 1°16′E / 9.35°N 1.267°E / 9.35; 1.267