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Battle of Arras
Part of the Race to the Sea on the Western Front (World War I)
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-R34771, Frankreich, Arras, Schützengraben.jpg
German forward detachments guarding the entrance to a trench line in front of Arras
Date1 October – 4 October 1914
LocationArras, France
Result French defensive victory
France France German Empire German Empire
Commanders and leaders
France Louis Maud'huy German Empire Crown Prince Rupprecht
French Tenth Army Three corps of the German First, Second and Seventh Armies

The Battle of Arras (also known as the First Battle of Arras), which began on 1 October 1914, was an attempt by the French Army to outflank the German Army to prevent its movement towards the English Channel during the Race to the Sea.

The French Tenth Army, led by Louis Maud'huy, attacked the advancing German forces on 1 October, initially experiencing success until they reached the town of Douai. There, the German Crown Prince Rupprecht's Sixth Army launched a counter-attack. Along with additional attacks from three corps of the German First, Second and Seventh Armies. The French were forced to withdraw towards Arras.

France's failure to hold back the German Army resulted in the loss of Lens on 4 October, and allowed the Germans to move further northwards towards Flanders. The French, however, were able to hold Arras.


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