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Battle of Ardnaree
Date23 September 1586
Locationnear Ardnaree, County Mayo
Result English victory
Commanders and leaders
Sir Richard Bingham Donnell Gorm MacDonnell of Carey
Alexander Carragh MacDonnell of Glenarm
? ?
Casualties and losses
? 2000

The Battle of Ardnaree, was an Irish battle fought in County Mayo on 23 September 1586. The result was a victory for the English over the Mac Philbins and Burkes. The conflict was a part of the political and military struggle, involving the English and occasionally the Scots, for control of northern Ireland.

The Mac Philbins and Mayo Burkes were in rebellion against the brutal English rule. An Irish-Scottish mercenary army, led by Donnell Gorm MacDonnell of Carey and Alexander Carragh MacDonnell of Glenarm, sons of the deceased James MacDonald, 6th of Dunnyveg, were invited into Connacht by the Burkes to attack English settlements and forces.[1] The mercenary army was fronted at Sligo, Coolony and Ballingafad by English forces for over fourteen days.

Sir Richard Bingham, governor of Connacht, followed the mercenary force to Ardnaree, where the mercenary force had camped by the banks of the river Moy in County Mayo. Bingham's forces surrounded the camp at night and attacked the occupants. During the battle 1,000 mercenaries were killed, including Donnell Gorm MacDonnell of Carey and Alexander Carragh MacDonnell of Glenarm. Also slaughtered were some 1000 men, women and children in the camp.

Richard Bingham went on to hang the leaders of the Burkes, with the former lands of Mac Philbins and Mayo Burkes given to English settlers.

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