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Battle of Apósteles
Part of Luso-Brazilian invasion
Date2nd July 1817
LocationApósteles, Uruguay
Result Missions victory
Flag United Kingdom Portugal Brazil Algarves.svg Portuguese Empire Misiones Province
Commanders and leaders
Francisco das Chagas Santos Andrés Guazurary
600 men
2 artillery pieces
500 men
Casualties and losses
Unknown 84 men killed

The Battle of Apósteles was an encounter between the Portuguese forces under Francisco das Chagas Santos and the Artiguist forces led by Andrés Guazurary, popularly known as Andresito, in Apósteles, modern-day Uruguay.

Portuguese General Chagas Santos had attacked the territory of the Missions, conquering and destroying many of them. After that, he turned to the Headquarters of Apósteles, where Andresito, the artiguist commander awaited him, inflicting heavy losses on the Portuguese and forcing them to retreat.

Composition of the Mission Troops

Most of the men who fought alongside Andresito in Apósteles were survivors of the many attacks made by the Portuguese under Chagas Santos against the Missions of the area.


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