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Battle of Amoaful
Part of Third Anglo-Ashanti War
Anglo-Ashanti war 2.jpg
A bush fight, Third Anglo-Ashanti War. The Graphic 1874
Date31 January 1874
LocationWest Africa
Result Decisive British victory
United Kingdom United Kingdom Flag of Ashanti.svg Ashanti Empire
Commanders and leaders
United Kingdom Sir Garnet Wolseley Flag of Ashanti.svg Chief Amanquatia
2,500 troops unknown
Casualties and losses
16 officers and 174 men killed and wounded unknown

The Battle of Amoaful was a battle fought on 31 January 1874 during the Third Anglo-Ashanti War when Sir Garnet Wolseley defeated the Ashantis after strong resistance.[1] The attack was led by the 42nd Regiment of Foot.[1] At Amoaful, one combat post-mortem pays tribute to the Ashanti commander: "The great Chief Amanquatia was among the killed. Admirable skill was shown in the position selected by Amanquatia, and the determination and generalship he displayed in the defence fully bore out his great reputation as an able tactician and gallant soldier."[2] Lance-Sergeant Samuel McGaw won the Victoria Cross during the action.[3]


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