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AL-Safra (The Yellow)
Part of the Ottoman-Saudi war
Locationnear Medina, western Arabia
Result Saudi victory, Ottomans moved back to Yanbu.
Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire First Saudi State
Commanders and leaders
Ottoman Empire Tusun Pasha Saud al-Kabeer
8.000 10.000
Casualties and losses
840 dead;
50 POW
800 dead

Al-Safra Battle, Tusun Pasha's forces with its artillery and equipment moved forward trying to recapture Medina and met with Saud AL-Kabeer forces in a Valley of Al-Safra (the yellow Valley). Saud's army started attacking the Egyptians with 200 cavalry and about 10,000 men and successfully defended Medina. After 3 days of fighting the Egyptians withdrew back to their bunker in Yanbu.

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