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Battle of Afghanya
Part of War in Afghanistan (2001-present)
DateApril 8, 2008
LocationKapisa Province, Afghanistan
Result Coalition victory
Afghanistan ANP
United States United States
France French Foreign Legion
Afghanistan Taliban insurgents
Commanders and leaders
United States Specialist Gregory Ruske N/A
10 Americans
3 Afghans
later reinforced by French Foreign Legion, Special Forces, 101st Airborne Division, ANA, and ANP troops
Casualties and losses
three wounded many

The Battle of Afghanya occurred on 8 April 2008 when Taliban insurgents ambushed a patrol of ten Americans and three Afghans in the village of Afghanya, Kapisa Province. The Americans and Afghans fought until reinforcements arrived, beating off the Taliban insurgents at the loss of only three wounded compared to several killed and wounded for the ambushers.


Specialist Gregory "Scott" Ruske and thirteen Allied troops were on "presence patrols" inside Kapisa Province, Eastern Afghanistan. When they entered the village of Afghanya, they were not greeted, but rather given cold stares by civilians. Soon, a firefight began in the town when Taliban insurgents opened fire on the patrol.[1] The Americans found out that they disrupted a meeting of high-ranking Taliban officials, and two Afghans were wounded in the opening of the battle. Shortly after, Ruske was hit in the hip by a bullet and wounded as well. American planes arrived overhead, but were not allowed to attack because of the need to contact the men on the ground. Even a QRF (Quick Reaction Force) outside the city was ambushed and bottled up adding to the soldiers' woes. Eventually, the QRF broke through and reinforced the Americans and Afghans, as well as the French Foreign Legion, Special Forces, 101st Airborne Division, ANA, and ANP troops. The battle went on for nearly six grueling hours, many Talibans killed or wounded. Ruske was rushed to nearby Bagram Air Base with the two wounded Afghans, all of whom were treated and eventually recovered.


After his tour of duty, Ruske was promoted to sergeant and awarded the Purple Heart. He was also awarded the Silver Star by General Jack C. Stultz, Chief of the Army Reserve. Specialist Eric Segraves was awarded the Army Commendation Medal with honor for helping Ruske.


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