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Battle of Živohoště
Part of Hussite Wars
Date4 November 1419
Result Catholic victory
Bohemia Arms.svg Bohemian Catholics Husitská korouhev.svg Hussites
Commanders and leaders
Peter of Sternberg Unknown
1,300 4,000
Casualties and losses
Unknown Several killed and wounded
Large number of prisoners

The Battle of Živohoště took place on 4 November 1419. Hussite pilgrims from Alttabor came to the countrywide congress in Prague, where they fought the Czech Catholic nobility following King Sigismund of Luxembourg and under the command of Peter Konopišťský of Sternberg. After the first attack, a number of the Hussites were killed, wounded, or captured, but the West Bohemian Hussite reinforcements that arrived from the battlefield from Nový Knín led the Czech barons to retreat to Kuttenberg. According to the testimony of contemporary written sources, the battle at Živohoště was the first major battle of the Hussite Wars.



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Coordinates: 49°45′16″N 14°25′17″E / 49.7544°N 14.4214°E / 49.7544; 14.4214

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