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Livonian Crusade
Locationjust south from Valmiera, Latvia
Result Estonian tribes victory
Livonians and Letts
Zakon Kawalerów Mieczowych COA.svg Sword-Brothers
Commanders and leaders
Caupo, Arnold (Livonian Brother of the Sword) ?
Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses
Heavy casualties, Livonian leaders Berthold and Vane killed Low casualties

Battle of Ümera (Estonian language: Ümera lahing ) or Battle of Imera (Latvian language: Kauja pie Imeras ) recorded by Henry of Latvia was fought near Valmiera (Estonian language: Volmari ) on the Ümera river in 1210, during the Livonian Crusade between Estonians and Crusaders. The Estonians won the battle.[1]

The Estonian troops moved across the Koiva river and stopped at its tributary the next day for an ambush. The chasing Livonians and Letts assumed that their enemy was escaping with "their head over heels" which also had been confirmed by their scouts. The German squad was moving in front with the Livonians and Letts behind them.

The hidden Estonians in the forest around Ümera charged the enemy unexpectedly. The attack was a success. Around hundred Livonians, Letts and Germans were captured. Less than 20 knights had tried to regroup around their banner, but as soon as their reinforcements escaped, they too fled the battlefield. The Estonians chased them and some were captured and killed on the scene. According to the Livonian Chronicle, out of 14 prisoners some were burned alive and others had been made a cross on their backs with a sword before executing them as well.

A victory over the Brothers of the Sword was a huge morale booster for the Estonians. A message of this feat was sent to all counties and they promised to be as "one heart and one soul against the Christian name".[2]


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