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Coordinates: 62°33′48.45″N 7°40′59.59″E / 62.5634583°N 7.6832194°E / 62.5634583; 7.6832194

Battle of Åndalsnes
Part of World War II
DateApril and early May, 1940
LocationÅndalsnes and points to the north and east, Norway
Result German victory
 United Kingdom
 Nazi Germany
Commanders and leaders
United Kingdom Bernard Paget
Casualties and losses
? ?

The Battle of Åndalsnes took place in Åndalsnes in Romsdal, Norway in 1940 during the Norwegian Campaign of World War II.

After the German invasion of Norway in April 1940, British troops landed in Åndalsnes as part of a pincer movement to take mid-Norwegian city Trondheim. The northern arm of the attack was based in Namsos, (see Namsos Campaign). To prevent the British from advancing inland, German Fallschirmjägers made a parachute drop on the village and rail road junction of Dombås on 14 April.[1]

Lacking control of the air, the British forces at Åndalsnes were withdrawn in early May 1940.


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