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Bangladesh Air Force Academy
Motto Train and develop future Air Force Leaders with vision for tomorrow.
Established 1973
Type Military college
Location Jessore at Matiur Rahman Air Force Base, Bangladesh
Website Bangladesh Air Force Academy

Bangladesh Air Force Academy (BAFA) is a training and education academy which provides initial training to all BAFA personnel who are preparing to be officers in the Bangladesh Air Force. The Bangladesh Air Force Academy is located in the district town of Jessore at Matiur Rahman Air Force Base.

Selection of Officers

Suitable candidates are selected after passing through different selection phases. For regular courses of different branch cadets, the selection procedure is as follows:

  1. Preliminary written Test on IQ & English.
  2. Preliminary VIVA & Medical Test.
  3. ISSB board for four days.
  4. Final Medical Test
  5. Final Interview at Air HQ.

Selection criteria for BAF candidates are highest among armed forces branches and only the best candidates are selected as air force cadets.

Training System

Newly recruited cadets undergo two years of training before they receive a commission. Initially, BAF cadets join the Bangladesh Military Academy for a tenure of three months, where they undergo initial training with army and navy cadets. Following initial training, they return to their academy and join the Bangladesh Air Force Academy. At the academy, cadets receive general service training, armed combat training and education on different service-related subjects. The period at the academy is divided into four terms. For the first two terms, cadets only receive general service training and read service-related subjects. During the third term, the General Duties Branch cadets go for 120 hours basic flying training and other branches' cadets begin studying subjects such as engineering. After successful completion of two years training in the Bangladesh Air Force Academy, cadets are commissioned into different branches of the Bangladesh Air Force. Those branches are General Duty (Pilot), Maintenance (Technical Engineering), Maintenance (Technical Communication and Electronics), Maintenance (Technical Armament), Air Defence Weapon Control (ADWC), Logistics, Administrative, Air Traffic Control, Education, Legal, Accounts, Meteorology, etc. A flight cadet also earns a BSc degree in Aeronautics from the Bangladesh University of Professionals. Female cadets currently may not join the General Duty (Pilot) Branch yet but they may join other branches of Bangladesh Air Force.

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