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Baltic Medal
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Baltic Medal BAR.svg
Obverse (top left) and reverse (top right) of the medal. Ribbon: 32mm, yellow with light blue edges.
Awarded by United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
Type Campaign medal
Eligibility Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Royal Sappers and Miners.
Awarded for Campaign service.
Campaign Baltic Sea 1854-55.
Description Silver disk, 36mm diameter.
Clasps None authorised.
Established 1856

The Baltic Medal was a campaign medal approved in 1856, for issue to officers and men of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, and Royal Sappers and Miners who served in Baltic Sea operations against Russia in the Baltic theatre of the Crimean War. The medal primarily covered naval actions but it was also awarded to 100 men or the Royal Sappers and Miners for their work in the demolition of Russian fortifications at Bomarsund and Sveaborg.[1]

The die for the medal was engraved by Leonard Charles Wyon.


None authorised.[2]


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