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EU Balkan Battlegroup
BG Emblem
Active 1 July 2007– present
Country Flag of Greece.svg Greece
Flag of Bulgaria.svgBulgaria
Flag of Cyprus.svg Cyprus
Flag of Romania.svg Romania
Allegiance European Union European Union
Branch EU Battlegroup
Type Regiment

The Balkan Battlegroup is a European Union battlegroup led by Greece. Originally referred to as HELBROC (an acronym for HELlas, Bulgaria, ROmania, Cyprus), it consists of military units from Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, and Cyprus.


The emblem shows a white pigeon which carries an olive branch to the burning globe, on a canvas of the EU flag. The participating nations’ flags are seated on the top of the emblem, in the same order as they appear in HELBROC BG initials.

The olive branch and the pigeon are the very ancient symbols of peace and in combination with the burning globe reflect the urgent intervention of the HELBRROC BG, whenever may be required.


To complement HELBROC's operational training, two exercises were conducted in May 2007. The first was Command Post Exercise (CPX) EVROPI – I and the second was LIVe Exercise (LIVEX) EVROPI – II

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