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The Bagramyan Battalion (Armenian language: Բաղրամյանի անվան գումարտակ ) was a battalion formed in Abkhazia, Georgia and predominantly composed of ethnic Armenians living in Abkhazia that fought together with Separatist Abkhaz forces during the War in Abkhazia (1992–1993).[1] Named in honour of the Soviet Armenian Marshal Hovhannes Bagramyan, the battalion's declared purpose was to withdraw Georgian forces from Georgian territory and support Russo-Abkhazian forces.[2]

On 10 May 1998, during hostilities leading to Six-Day War in Abkhazia (20–26 May 1998), there was a fire initiated on one of administrative buildings of the power grid in Mziuri. No one was injured in the attack. The Tbilisi-based Prime-News agency reported it was done by the members of the battalion.[3] According to the official Georgian reports, the battalion was dispatched by the de facto Abkhaz authorities to the predominantly Georgian-populated Gali district specifically for punitive operations.[4]


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