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Badges and shoulder tabs as shown on the uniform of a U.S. Army lieutenant colonel.

The wear of insignia on the Advanced Combat Uniform.

Badges of the United States Army are military decorations issued by the United States Department of the Army to soldiers who achieve a variety of qualifications and accomplishments while serving on active and reserve duty in the United States Army.

As described in Army Regulations 670-1 Uniforms and Insignia, badges are categorized into marksmanship, combat and special skill, identification, and foreign.[1] Combat and Special Skill badges are further divided into five groups.[2]

Soldiers are authorized to wear a total of five badges from the marksmanship and combat and special skill categories; no more than three can come from the marksmanship category, only one badge each from Groups 1, 2, and 3, three from Group 4, and two from Group 5.[3] And only two identification badges are authorized over each pocket.

These badges are worn in order of precedence (Group 1 the highest). Marksmanship badges are worn after any special skill badge. Badges within the same group may be worn in any order.[4]

The 21st century United States Army issues the following military badges (listed below in order of group precedence) which are worn in conjunction with badges of rank and branch insignia.

Combat and Special Skill Badges and Tabs

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5

Marksmanship Badges

Identification Badges

Other Accoutrements

Army National Guard Badges

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