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BTR-70 Belarus 2.jpg
Type Armored personnel carrier
Place of origin Ukraine
Service history
In service Ukrainian Ground Forces
Production history
Produced 2011
Variants See below
Weight 12.3 tonnes
Length 7.54 m
Width 2.8 m
Height 2.48 m (including turret)
Crew 3 crew (+7 passengers)

7.62 mm
Engine FPT IVECO Tector
2 х 150 hp
Suspension wheeled 8×8
Speed 100 km/h

The BTR-7 "Defender" (BTR-70DI) (BTR; Бронетранспортер / Bronetransporter, literally Armoured Transporter) is a 8x8 wheeled armoured personnel carrier (APC) designed in Ukraine by the NRMZ. The BTR-7 is an upgrade of the BTR-70.

2 FPT IVECO Tector engines P4 (Euro 3), 150 hp each, the maximum speed - 100 km/h. Can be optionally fitted with modular turrets "Ingul" or "Bug" or with the "Zaslon" active protection system.

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