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BRAMS - Self-propelled Anti-aircraft System is an automated anti-aircraft system designated for destroying low flying targets using its twin barrel 30 mm gun with high rate of fire and 4 self-guided anti-aircraft missiles.

Target acquisition, aiming and effective fire control is secured through a modern opto-electronic sight enabling target acquisition under any day or night weather conditions and its automatic tracking. The Fire Control System enables continuous and automated data transmission and communication with superior command level and integration of the AA system within other centrally controlled air defense units. Modified TATRA 8x8 chassis ensures high mobility of the system. Integrated software enables to conduct training of crews directly on the system; however, a simulator was designed as well and is available.

The strongest point of the system is its purely optical targeting system making it invulnerable to traditional anti-radiation weaponry.

Technical parameters:
Cannon: 2x30 mm
Coaxial machinegun: 7.62 mm
SAM: 4 missiles
Passive sight: day/night
FCS with automatic data transmission to/from superior command level
Turret traverse: 360°
Cannon elevation: -5°/+85°
SAM elevation: 0°/+70°
Chassis: modified TATRA 8x8
Vehicle length: 9890 mm
Vehicle width: 2950 mm
Total height: 3300 mm
Overcoming of obstacles:
Trench: 2000 mm
Vertical step: 600 mm
Fording: 800 mm
Total weight of the system: 27100 kg
Maximum speed: 100 km/h
Maximum road range: 700 km
Number of crew: 3

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