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Ordnance BL 16 inch Mark I
Guns of HMS Rodney at maximum elevation, 1940
Type naval gun
Place of origin UK
Service history
In service 1927-1948
Used by UK
Production history
Designed 1922
Weight 108 long ton (109.7 tonnes)
Length 61 ft 10 in (18.85 m)
Barrel length 60 ft (18.3 m)

Shell separate charge, AP shell 2,048 lb (929 kg)
Calibre 16 inch (406 mm)
Breech Welin
Elevation 40° in mounting Mark I
Rate of fire 1.5 rounds per minute as fitted
Muzzle velocity 2,586 feet/second (788 m/s)
Effective range 35,000 yards (32,000 m) at 32° elevation
Maximum range 39,780 yards (36,375 m)

The BL 16 inch Mark I was a British naval gun introduced in the 1920s and used on the two Nelson-class battleships. The barrel was 45 calibres long ("/45" in shorthand) meaning 45 times the bore (16 in) - 60 ft (18 m) long.

These wire-wound built-up guns had originally been planned for the cancelled G3-class battlecruiser design upon which the Nelson class drew.

An improved weapon, the BL 16 inch Mark II was designed for the cancelled Lion-class battleships; only four guns and no turrets were produced.

Sir W. G. Armstrong Whitworth & Company at Elswick, Vickers at Barrow-in-Furness, William Beardmore & Company at Dalmuir and the Royal Gun Factory at Woolwich made a total of 29 guns of which 18 would be required for both ships at any time.

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