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Tây Vinh massacre
Location Tây Vinh village in Tây Sơn District of Bình Định Province, South Vietnam
Date February 12, 1966 – March 17, 1966
Target Tay Vinh villagers
Attack type
Deaths 728-1,200[1]
Perpetrators ROK Capital Division

The Bình An / Tây Vinh massacre (Korean: 타이빈 양민 학살 사건 ) was a series of massacres purportedly conducted by the ROK Capital Division of the South Korean Army between February 12, 1966 and March 17, 1966 of 1,200 unarmed citizens in Bình An village, today Tây Vinh village, Tây Sơn District of Bình Định Province in South Vietnam.[1][2] During the operation, the Capital Division assaulted 15 hamlets in Tây Vinh village. In the one hamlet, the ROK soldiers rounded up and shot 68 villagers.[3] Only 3 villagers survived.[3]

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