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The Axis order of battle at Stalingrad is a list of the significant land units that fought in the Battle of Stalingrad on the side of the Axis Powers between September 1942 and February 1943.

Apart from the twenty divisions of the German Wehrmacht, two Romanian divisions and one Croatian regiment took part in the battle on the Axis side as well.

Order of battle

Map of the Stalingrad pocket, showing all Axis Divisions

In December 1942, the German 6th Army, under the command of Generaloberst, later of Generalfeldmarschall, Friedrich Paulus had the following Order of Battle:


  • Army Troops [1]
    • 648th Army Signal Regiment
    • 2nd Nebelwerfer Regiment
    • 30th Nebelwerfer Regiment
    • 51st Mortar Regiment
    • 53rd Mortar Regiment
    • 91st Air Defence Regiment
    • 243rd Assault Gun Battalion
    • 245th Assault Gun Battalion
    • 45th Army Engineer Battalion
    • 225th Army Engineer Battalion
    • 294th Army Engineer Battalion
    • 336th Army Engineer Battalion
    • 501st Army Engineer Battalion
    • 605th Army Engineer Battalion
    • 652nd Army Engineer Battalion
    • 672nd Army Engineer Battalion
    • 685th Army Engineer Battalion
    • 912nd Army Engineer Battalion
    • 921st Army Engineer Battalion
    • 925th Army Engineer Battalion


  • 1st Cavalry Division - General de brigadă Constantin Brătescu;
  • 20th Infantry Division (part of the IV Armeekorps) - General de divizie Nicolae Tătăranu, from 14 January General de divizie Romulus Dimitriu.


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