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Example of awards, special skills badge, and identification badges of the USPHS Commissioned Corps as worn on the service dress uniform of RADM Scott Giberson.

The United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (PHSCC), one of the seven uniformed services of the United States, has the authority to issue various awards, commendations, and other insignia to its members. These include individual honor awards, unit honor awards, service awards, training ribbons, special skill badges, and identification badges. The following PHSCC awards are listed in the service's order of precedence:[1][2]

Personal awards and decorations

Unit awards

  • USPHS Outst Unit Citation.JPG Public Health Service Outstanding Unit Citation - the highest unit decoration granted by the Public Health Service.
  • USPHS - Unit Commendation.JPG Public Health Service Unit Commendation - the second highest unit decoration granted by the Public Health Service.

Service and campaign awards

  • File:USA - PHS SMALLPOX ERADICATION.jpg Public Health Service Smallpox Eradication Campaign Ribbon
  • USPHS Global Health Campaign Medal ribbon.png Public Health Service Global Health Campaign Medal
  • USPHS Haz Duty Svc Aw.JPG Public Health Service Hazardous Duty Award
  • US PHS Foreign Duty Svc Aw.JPG Public Health Service Foreign Duty Service Award
  • USPHS Spec Assign Service.JPG Public Health Service Special Assignment Service Award
  • USPHS Isolated Hardship.JPG Public Health Service Isolated Hardship Service Award
  • USPHS Crisis Response Ribbon.JPG Public Health Service Crisis Response Service Award
  • USPHS Global Response Ribbon.JPG Public Health Service Global Response Service Award
  • USPHS Response Ribbon.JPG Public Health Service Response Service Award
  • USPHS Nat Emerg Preparedness.JPG Public Health Service National Emergency Preparedness Award
  • USPHS Recruitment Service Ribbon.png Public Health Service Recruitment Service Ribbon [3]
  • USPHS Global Health Initiatives Service Medal ribbon.png Public Health Service Global Health Initiative Service Medal
  • USPHS Bi-cent Unit Cmd.JPG Public Health Service Bicentennial Unit Commendation Award
  • USPHS Regular Corps R.JPG Public Health Service Regular Corps Ribbon
  • USPHS Commiss Corps Trg R.JPG Commissioned Corps Training Ribbon

Association and organization awards

The following awards are awarded by various associations and organizations related the PHS mission and may be worn on the uniform (in order of precedence shown) when attending a function of that association:[4]

Badges and insignia

PHSCC's Field Medical Readiness Badge, the corps's only special skills badge, recognizes officers who have exceeded force readiness standards while engaged in Corps deployment(s).

Commissioned Corps officers may wear two authorized special skills badges and two breast or identification badges on the Corps uniform. Badges of the USPHS take precedence over badges earned in other uniformed services.[5]

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