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Awards and decorations of the National Guard are presented to members of the United States National Guard and sometimes to members of the state defense forces in addition to regular United States military decorations. Each of the state governments of the United States maintains a series of military decorations for issuance to members of the National Guard, with such awards presented under the authority of the various state adjutants general.

Those National Guard soldiers who subsequently serve in the active or reserve federal forces of the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, or United States Air Force (i.e., as active duty or reserve members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard) may not continue to wear and display such decorations on a military uniform, unless such activation is under Title 32 status. Active duty regulations allow federal soldiers to accept but not to wear state awards.

Most states authorize the wear of other states' awards if a soldier has earned awards from a state or territory to which he or she is not presently assigned. The order of precedence is typically the presently assigned state, followed by awards from the District of Columbia, then other states by their order of admission.

The following is a list of National Guard decorations, as issued by each of the fifty United States; Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the District of Columbia.


Alabama National Guard State Awards:

  • Aldsm.svg Alabama Distinguished Service Medal
  • Alcom.gif Alabama Commendation Medal
  • Alpcdr.gif Alabama Phenix City Civil Disturbance Medal
  • Aldsr.gif Alabama Operation Desert Storm Ribbon
  • Certificate of Merit Medal ribbon.svg Alabama Veterans Service Medal
  • Berlin Crisis Ribbon.svg Alabama National Emergency Service Medal
  • Alssr.gif Alabama Special Service Medal
  • Alfsr.gif Alabama Faithful Service Medal
  • AR Recruiting Ribbon.svg Alabama Recruiting Ribbon
  • Albtr.gif Alabama Active Duty Basic Training Medal


Alaska National Guard State Awards:

  • AK Legion of Merit.PNG Alaska Legion of Merit
  • AK Distinguished Service Medal.PNG Alaska Distinguished Service Medal
  • AK Air Medal.PNG Alaska Air Medal
  • LA Cold War Victory.jpg Alaska Cold War Victory Ribbon
  • Alaska National Guard - Commendation.JPG Alaska Commendation Medal
  • Domestic Emergency Ribbon.gif Alaska Domestic Emergency Ribbon
  • Recruiting and Retention Ribbon.gif Alaska Recruiting & Retention Ribbon
  • AK Homeland Security Medal.PNG Alaska Homeland Security Medal
  • AK Humanitarian Medal.PNG Alaska Humanitarian Service Medal
  • AK Community Service Medal.PNG Alaska Community Service Medal
  • AK State Service Medal.PNG Alaska State Service Medal
  • Alaska National Guard - Pistol Marksms Medal.JPG Alaska Adjutant General's Marksmanship Proficiency Award
  • Alaska National Guard - Governor's Distinguished Unit Citation.gif Alaska Governors Distinguished Unit Citation
  • Alaska Territorial Guard Medal.PNG Alaska Territorial Guard Medal


Arizona National Guard State Awards:

  • AZ Medal of Valor.gif Arizona Medal of Valor
  • AZ Distinguished Service Medal.gif Arizona Distinguished Service Medal
  • AZ Adjutant Generals Medal.gif Arizona Adjutant General's Medal
  • AZ Meritorious Service Medal.gif Arizona Meritorious Service Medal
  • AZ Exceptionally Long Service Medal.gif Arizona Exceptionally Long Service Medal
  • AZ Long Service Medal.gif Arizona Long Service Medal
  • AZ Service Ribbon.gif Arizona Service Ribbon
  • AZ Military Academy OCS.gif Arizona Military Academy Ribbon (OCS)
  • AZ Military Academy NCO.gif Arizona Military Academy Ribbon (NCO) (No longer awarded)
  • AZ Southwest Asia Service Support Ribbon.gif Arizona Southwest Asia Service Support Ribbon
  • AZ State Active Duty Service Ribbon.gif Arizona State Active Duty Service Ribbon
  • AZ Re-enlistment Ribbon.gif Arizona Re-enlistment Ribbon (No Longer awarded)
  • AZ Community Service Ribbon.gif Arizona Community Service Ribbon
  • AZ Initial Active Duty for Training Ribbon.gif Arizona Initial Active Duty for Training Ribbon (No longer awarded)
  • AZ Recruiting Ribbon.gif Arizona Recruiting Ribbon
  • AZ Honor Attendance Ribbon.gif Arizona Honor Attendance Ribbon (No Longer Awarded)


Arkansas National Guard State Awards:

  • Arkansas National Guard Medal of Honor Ribbon.JPG Arkansas Medal of Honor
  • Arkansas NG DSM.JPG Arkansas Distinguished Service Medal
  • Arkansas NG Exceptional Service.JPG Arkansas Exceptional Service Medal
  • AR Commendation Medal.PNG Arkansas Commendation Medal
  • AR Federal Service Ribbon.PNG Arkansas Federal Service Ribbon
  • AR Service Ribbon.PNG Arkansas Service Ribbon
  • AR Emergency Service Ribbon.PNG Arkansas Emergency Service Ribbon
  • File:Guard Recruiting Ribbon.svg Arkansas Recruiting Ribbon


California National Guard State Awards:

  • CA Medal of Valor.JPG California Medal of Valor
  • CA Military Cross.JPG California Military Cross
  • Order of california.JPG Order of California
  • CA Medal of Merit.JPG California Medal of Merit
  • CA Commendation Medal.JPG California Commendation Medal
  • CA Good Conduct Medal.JPG California Good Conduct Medal
  • CA Service Medal.JPG California Service Medal
  • CA Enlisted Trainers Excellence Ribbon.JPG California Enlisted Trainers Excellence Ribbon
  • CA Enlisted Excellence Ribbon.JPG California Enlisted Excellence Ribbon
  • CA Recruiting Achievement Ribbon.JPG California Recruiting Achievement Ribbon
  • CA Federal Service ribbon.JPG California National Guard Federal Service Ribbon
  • CA State Service Ribbon.JPG California State Service Ribbon
  • CA NCO Academy Ribbon.JPG California NCO Academy Ribbon
  • CA Counterdrug Service Ribbon.JPG California Counterdrug Service Ribbon
  • CA Attendance Ribbon.JPG California Drill Attendance Ribbon
  • CA Memorial Medal.JPG California Memorial Medal
  • CA Governor's Outstanding Unit Citation.JPG California Governor's Outstanding Unit Citation
  • CA Commanding General's Meritorious Unit Citation.JPG California Commanding General's Meritorious Unit Citation


Colorado National Guard State Awards:


Connecticut National Guard State Awards:

  • CT Medal of Valor.PNG Connecticut Medal of Valor
  • CT Medal of Merit.PNG Connecticut Medal of Merit
  • CT Desert Storm Campaign Ribbon.PNG Connecticut Desert Storm Campaign Ribbon
  • CT Long Service Medal.PNG Connecticut Long Service Ribbon
  • CT Emergency Service Ribbon.PNG Connecticut Emergency Service Ribbon
  • CT Selected Reserve Force Medal.PNG Connecticut Selected Reserve Force Medal
  • CT Outstanding Unit Award.PNG Connecticut Outstanding Unit Award


Delaware National Guard State Awards:

  • DE Conspicuous Service Cross.png Delaware Conspicuous Service Cross
  • DE Distinguished Service Medal.png Delaware Distinguished Service Medal
  • DE Medal for Miltary Merit.png Delaware Medal for Military Merit
  • DE National Guard Medal.png Delaware National Guard Medal
  • DE National Defense Service Ribbon.png Delaware National Defense Service Ribbon
  • DE Medal for Service in Aid to Civil Authority.png Delaware Medal for Service in Aid to Civil Authority
  • File:Guard Recruiting Ribbon.svg Delaware Recruiting Ribbon
  • DE Physical Fitness Ribbon.png Delaware Physical Fitness Ribbon
  • DE National Guard Governors Meritorious Unit Award.png Delaware National Guard Governor's Meritorious Unit Award
  • DE National Guard Unit Strength Award.png Delaware National Guard Unit Strength Award

District of Columbia

District of Columbia National Guard District Awards:

  • DC Distinguished Service Medal.png District of Columbia Distinguished Service Medal
  • DC NG Meritorious Service Medal.JPG District of Columbia Meritorious Service Medal
  • DC NG Commendation Medal.JPG District of Columbia Commendation Medal
  • DC NG Achievement Medal.JPG District of Columbia Achievement Medal
  • DC NG Homeland Defense.JPG District of Columbia Homeland Defense Medal (ribbon has three red stars in the center.
  • DC NCO Commendation Ribbon.png District of Columbia NCO Commendation Ribbon
  • DC Enlisted Excellence Ribbon.png District of Columbia Enlisted Excellence Ribbon
  • DC NG Long & Faithful Service Medal.JPG District of Columbia Long and Faithful Service Medal (one medal for three years, recognition for five years and additional five-year increments noted with Roman Numerals up to 45 years)
  • DC Emergency Service Ribbon.png District of Columbia Emergency Service Ribbon (Deactivated)
  • DC Recognition Ribbon.png District of Columbia Recognition Ribbon
  • DC Special Award Ribbon.png District of Columbia Special Award Ribbon
  • DC Recruiting and Retention Ribbon.png District of Columbia Recruiting and Retention Ribbon (Deactivated)
  • DC Community Service Ribbon.png District of Columbia Community Service Ribbon
  • DC Ceremonial Drill Team Color Guard Ribbon.png District of Columbia Ceremonial/Drill Team/Color Guard Ribbon
  • DC Active Duty Ribbon.png District of Columbia Active Duty Ribbon (Deactivated)
  • DC Attendance Ribbon.png District of Columbia Attendance Ribbon
  • DC Commanding General's Outstanding Unit Award.png District of Columbia Commanding General's Outstanding Unit Award


Florida National Guard State Awards:


Georgia National Guard State Awards:

  • GADistinctiveSvcMdlRbn1.JPG Georgia Distinctive Service Medal
  • GAOglethorpeDistSvcMdlRbn1.JPG Georgia Oglethorpe Distinguished Service Medal
  • GA National Guard Medal of Valor.png Georgia Medal for Valor [1]
  • Georgia Injury Medal (approved but not issued)
  • Georgia Superior Service Medal (approved but not issued)
  • GA National Guard Meritorious Service Medal.png Georgia Meritorious Service Medal [2]
  • Georgia DoD Commendation Medal (approved but not issued)
  • GA National Guard Commendation Medal.png Georgia Commendation Medal [3]
  • GADistForeignSvcRbn1.JPG Georgia Distinguished Foreign Service Medal [4]
  • GASelectedReserveRbn1.JPG Georgia Selected Reserve Force Ribbon
  • GASpecialOperationsRbn1.JPG Georgia Special Operations Ribbon
  • GAOlympicRbn1.JPG Georgia Olympic Ribbon
  • GAHumanitarianSvcRbn1.JPG Georgia Humanitarian Service Ribbon
  • GAServiceMedalRbn1.JPG Georgia Service Medal [5]
  • GAStateActiveDutyRbn1.JPG Georgia Active Duty Ribbon
  • GACounterNarcoticsRbn1.JPG Georgia Counter Narcotics/Drug Support Service Ribbon
  • File:Guard Recruiting Ribbon.svg Georgia Recruiting
  • GA National Guard Distinguished Unit.png Georgia Distinguished Unit Ribbon [6]


  • Guam Cross of Valor.JPG Guam Cross of Valor
  • DSM of Guam.JPG Distinguished Service Medal of Guam
  • Commendation.JPG Guam Commendation Medal
  • Organisational Medal.JPG Organizational Medal
  • Faithfull Service Medal of Guam.JPG Faithful Service Medal of Guam
  • Recruiting Ribbon bar.JPG Recruiting bar
  • Counter Drug Service.JPG Counter Drug Service
  • Guam NG - Op Desert Storm MSM.JPG Operation Desert Storm Meritorious Service Medal


Hawaii National Guard State Awards:

  • HI Medal of Honor.PNG Hawaii Medal of Honor
  • HI Medal of Valor.PNG Hawaii Medal for Valor
  • Hawaii DSO.JPG Hawaii Distinguished Service Order
  • Hawaii Medal of Merit.JPG Hawaii Medal for Merit
  • Hawaii Commendation.JPG Hawaii Commendation Medal
  • Hawaii Service Medal type 2.JPG Hawaii Service Medal (type 2)
  • Hawaii State Active Duty.JPG Hawaii State Active Duty Ribbon
  • Hawaii 1968 Federal Service.JPG Hawaii 1968 Federal Service Ribbon
  • Hawaii Active Duty Basic Training.JPG Hawaii Active Duty Basic Training Ribbon
  • Hawaii Hurricane Iniki Ribbon.JPG Hawaii Hurricane Iniki Ribbon
  • Hawaii Operation Kokua Ribbon.JPG Hawaii Operation Kokua Ribbon
  • Hawaii Recruiting Ribbon.JPG Hawaii Recruiting Ribbon


Idaho National Guard State Awards:

  • Idaho Cross.PNG Idaho Cross
  • Idaho National Guard Distinguished Service Medal.PNG Idaho Distinguished Service Medal
  • Idaho National Guard Meritorious Service Medal.PNGIdaho Meritorious Service Medal
  • Idaho National guard Emergency Service Ribbon.PNG Idaho Emergency Service Ribbon
  • ID Recruiting Ribbon.PNG Idaho Recruiting Ribbon
  • Idaho National Guard Reenlistment Ribbon.PNG Idaho Reenlistment Ribbon
  • Idaho National Guard Service Ribbon.PNG Idaho State Service Ribbon
  • Albtr.gif Idaho Basic Training Ribbon
  • ID Governors Outstanding Unit.PNG Idaho Governor's Outstanding Unit Citation
  • ID Adjutant Generals Excellence Award.PNG Idaho Adjutant General's Excellence Award


Awards and decorations of the Illinois National Guard:


Indiana National Guard State Awards:

  • In Distinguished Service Cross.PNG Indiana Distinguished Service Cross
  • Indiana Distinguished Service M.jpg Indiana Distinguished Service Medal
  • Ind Cmd.jpg Indiana Commendation Medal
  • Ind Desert Storm.Desert Shield.JPG Indiana Operation Desert Shield/Storm Service Medal
  • In NG Korean Svc.JPG Indiana Korean Service Medal
  • In NG Homeland Defense.JPG Indiana Homeland Defense Ribbon
  • Ind Emergency Service Ribbon.JPG Indiana Emergency Service Ribbon
  • In NG Overseas Svc.JPG Indiana Overseas Service Ribbon
  • Ind OCONUS Medal.JPG Indiana OCONUS Service Ribbon
  • Ind Long Service Medal.JPG Indiana Long Service Medal
  • In Recruiting Ribbon.PNG Indiana Recruiting Ribbon
  • ING Retention Medal.JPG Indiana Retention Ribbon


Iowa National Guard State Awards:

  • IANG Medal of Valor.png Iowa Medal of Valor
  • IANG Distinguished Service Medal.png Iowa Distinguished Service Medal
  • IANG Medal of Merit.png Iowa Medal of Merit
  • IANG Meritorious Service Medal.png Iowa Meritorious Service Medal
  • IANG Commendation Medal.png Iowa Commendation Medal
  • IANG State Service Ribbon.png Iowa State Service Ribbon
  • IANG Humanitarian Service Ribbon.png Iowa Humanitarian Service Ribbon
  • IANG Leadership Ribbon.png Iowa Leadership Ribbon
  • IANG Active Duty for Training Ribbon.png Iowa Active Duty Training Ribbon
  • IANG Recruiting Ribbon.png Iowa Recruiting Ribbon
  • IANG Selected Reserve Force Ribbon.png Iowa Selected Reserve Force Ribbon
  • IANG CFP-FSB Ribbon.png Iowa CFP/FSB Ribbon
  • IANG Outstanding Unit Ribbon.png Iowa Outstanding Unit Award
  • Iowa 10 Yr Service Medal (type 2).JPG Iowa 10 Year Service Medal (Type 2 ribbon)


Kansas National Guard State Awards:

  • Kansas National Guard Medal of Excellence Ribbon.png Kansas Medal of Excellence
  • Kansas National Guard Distinguished Service Medal Ribbon.png Kansas Distinguished Service Medal
  • Kansas National Guard Governors Medal.png Kansas Governor's Medal
  • Kansas National Guard Patriot Medal.png Kansas Patriot Medal
  • Kansas NG Meritorious Service Cross.JPG Kansas Meritorious Service Medal
  • Kansas National Guard Commendation Medal Ribbon.png Kansas Commendation Ribbon
  • Kansas National Guard Achievement Ribbon.png Kansas National Guard Achievement Ribbon
  • Kansas Army National Guard Outstanding Guardsman Ribbon.png Kansas Outstanding Guardsman Ribbon (ARNG)
  • Kansas Air National Guard Outstanding Guardsman Ribbon.png Kansas Outstanding Guardsman Ribbon (ANG)
  • Kansas Army National Guard State Emergency Duty Service Ribbon.png Kansas State Emergency Service Ribbon (ARNG)
  • Kansas Air National Guard State Emergency Duty Service Ribbon.png Kansas State Emergency Service Ribbon (ANG)
  • Berlin Crisis Ribbon.svg Kansas Homeland Defense Ribbon (ARNG) (correct order of precedence)
  • Kansas Air National Guard Counter Drug Ribbon.png Kansas Counter-drug Service Ribbon
  • Air Guard First Sergeant Ribbon.PNG Kansas First Sergeant Ribbon
  • Kansas National Guard Recruiting Ribbon.png Kansas Recruiting Ribbon
  • Kansas National Guard Service Medal 30yr.png Kansas Service Medal (30 yrs.)
  • Kansas National Guard Service Medal 25yr.png Kansas Service Medal (25 yrs.)
  • Kansas National Guard Service Medal 20yr.png Kansas Service Medal (20 yrs.)
  • Kansas National Guard Service Medal Ribbon.png Kansas Service Medal (15 yrs.)
  • Kansas National Guard Service Medal 10yr.png Kansas Service Medal (10 yrs.)


Kentucky National Guard Commonwealth Awards:[7]

  • Ky Medal of Valor.JPG Kentucky Medal for Valor
  • Ky NG DSM.JPG Kentucky Distinguished Service Medal
  • KY Merit Ribbon.png Kentucky Merit Ribbon
  • KY Outstanding Airman-Soldier Ribbon.png Kentucky Outstanding Airman/Soldier Ribbon
  • KY Commendation Ribbon.png Kentucky Commendation Ribbon
  • Berlin Crisis Ribbon.svg Kentucky Berlin Crisis Service Ribbon
  • KY Recruiting Award.png Kentucky National Guard Recruiting Award
  • KY Service Ribbon.png Kentucky Faithful Service Ribbon (20 years)
  • KY Active Duty Ribbon.png Kentucky State Active Duty Ribbon
  • KY ROTC Achievement Medal.png Kentucky National Guard ROTC Achievement Medal
  • KY Thirty Year Ribbon.png Kentucky National Guard Thirty Year Ribbon
  • SC Achievement Ribbon.JPG Kentucky Counterdrug Ribbon


Louisiana National Guard State Awards:

  • LA MOH.jpg Louisiana Medal of Honor
  • LA Dist SVC Cross.jpg Louisiana Distinguished Service Cross
  • LA Dist SVC Medal.jpg Louisiana Distinguished Service Medal
  • LA Legion of Merit.jpg Louisiana Legion of Merit
  • LA Cross of Merit.jpg Louisiana Cross of Merit
  • LA Commendation.jpg Louisiana Commendation Medal
  • LA ACH.jpg Louisiana Achievement Ribbon
  • LA Recruiting.jpg Louisiana Recruiting Ribbon
  • LA Retention.jpg Louisiana Retention Ribbon
  • LA Dist Civ SVC.jpg Louisiana Distinguished Civilian Service Medal
  • LA WarCross.jpg Louisiana War Cross
  • LA Cold War Victory.jpg Louisiana Cold War Victory Medal
  • LA Emergency SVC.jpg Louisiana Emergency Service Ribbon
  • LA GEN Execellence MDL.jpg Louisiana General Excellence Medal
  • LA Longevity.jpg Louisiana Longevity Award
  • FE Herbert Mer Unit Com.jpg Louisiana F.E. Herbert Meritorious Unit Commendation (Right Side)


Maine National Guard State Awards:[8]

  • Maine National Guard Distinguished Service Award.png Maine Distinguished Service Award (Discontinued)
  • Maine National Guard Meritorious Service Medal.png Maine Meritorious Service Award (Discontinued)
  • Maine National Guard Commendation Award.png Maine Commendation Award (Discontinued)
  • Maine National Guard Adjutant General Award.png Maine Adjutant General Award
  • Maine Achievement Award.png Maine Achievement Award
  • Maine National Guard Commanders Award.png Maine Commander's Award
  • Maine Army National Guard Sergeant Major-Soldier-NCO of the Year.png Maine Army National Guard Sergeant Major/NCO/Soldier of the Year Award
  • Maine Air National Guard Outstanding Airman of the Year.png Maine Outstanding Airman of the Year Award
  • Maine Nation Guard Recruiting Award.png Maine Recruiting Award
  • Maine Physical Fitness Award.png Maine Physical Fitness Award
  • CO Meritorious Conduct Medal.jpg Maine Good Conduct Award (Discontinued)
  • Albtr.gif Maine Basic Training Award (Discontinued)
  • DC Emergency Service Ribbon.png Maine National Emergency Service Award
  • Maine State Emergency Service Award.png Maine State Emergency Service Award (Discontinued)
  • Maine Honorable Service Award.png Maine Honorable Service Award
  • Maine Ice Guard 98.png Maine Ice Guard 98


Maryland National Guard State Awards:


Massachusetts National Guard Commonwealth Awards:

  • MA Medal fo Liberty ribbon bar.svg Massachusetts Medal of Liberty
  • MA Medal of Valor.png Massachusetts Medal of Valor
  • MA Military Medal.png Massachusetts Military Medal
  • MA Medal of Merit.png Massachusetts Medal of Merit
  • MA Humanitarian Service Medal.png Massachusetts Humanitarian Service Medal
  • MA ARNG Service Medal.PNG Massachusetts ARNG Service Medal
  • MA ANG Service Medal.PNG Massachusetts ANG Service Medal
  • MA Desert Storm Service Ribbon.PNG Massachusetts Desert Storm Service Ribbon
  • MA Defense Expeditionary Ribbon.png Massachusetts Defense Expeditionary Ribbon
  • MA Defense Service Ribbon.png Massachusetts Defense Service Ribbon
  • MA Emergency Service Ribbon.PNG Massachusetts Emergency Service Ribbon
  • MA Meritorious Unit Citation.png Massachusetts Meritorious Unit Citation


Michigan National Guard State Awards:[9][10]

  • Michigan Medal for Valor.png - Michigan Medal for Valor
  • Michigan Distinguished Service Medal.png - Michigan Distinguished Service Medal
  • Michigan Lifesaving Medal.png - Michigan Lifesaving Medal
  • Michigan Legion of Merit.png - Michigan Legion of Merit
  • Michigan Recruiting Ribbon.png - Michigan Recruiting Ribbon
  • Michigan Broadsword Service Medal.png - Michigan Broadsword Service Medal
  • Michigan Active State Service Ribbon.png - Michigan Active State Service Ribbon
  • Michigan State War on Terrorism Ribbon.png - Michigan State War on Terrorism Ribbon
  • Michigan Outside U.S. Service Ribbon.png - Michigan Outside U.S. Service Ribbon
  • Michigan State Partnership Ribbon.png - Michigan State Partnership Ribbon


Minnesota National Guard State Awards:

  • Minnesota National Guard Distinguished Service Medal.png Minnesota Distinguished Service Medal
  • MN Medal for Valor.png Minnesota Medal for Valor
  • MN Medal for Merit.png Minnesota Medal for Merit
  • MN Commendation Medal.png Minnesota Commendation Medal
  • MN Good Conduct Ribbon.png Minnesota Good Conduct Ribbon
  • MN Active Duty Ribbon.png Minnesota State Active Duty Ribbon
  • MN Distinguished Recruiting Ribbon.png Minnesota Distinguished Recruiting Ribbon
  • MN Service Medal.png Minnesota Service Ribbon


Mississippi National Guard State Awards:

  • Miss Medal of Honor.JPG Mississippi Medal of Honor
  • Miss Magnolia Cross.JPG Mississippi Magnolia Cross - Awarded to any member or former member of the Mississippi National Guard who has distinguished themselves by exceptionally meritorious service in a duty of great responsibility, or by unselfish and untiring activities while in state service or in support of the Mississippi National Guard, has rendered a distinct service in furthering the security and welfare of the state.
  • Miss Magnolia Medal.JPG Mississippi Magnolia Medal - Awarded to any member or former member of the Mississippi National Guard, or any of the armed services of the United States, who distinguishes themselves through outstanding service or extraordinary achievement in behalf of the Mississippi National Guard.
  • Miss Commendation.JPG Mississippi Commendation Medal - May be awarded to any member or former member of the Mississippi National Guard for meritorious service or meritorious achievement on behalf of the state of Mississippi.
  • Miss Medal of Efficiency.JPG Mississippi Medal of Efficiency - Awarded to enlisted members of the active Mississippi National Guard who have over five (5) years honorable service in the active Mississippi National Guard and have exhibited exemplary behavior, efficiency and loyalty to their unit and the Mississippi National Guard.
  • Miss War Medal.JPG Mississippi War Medal -Awarded to any member of the Mississippi National Guard for honorable service in the Armed Forces of the U.S. during National Emergency declared by the Congress.
  • Miss Emergency Service.JPG Mississippi Emergency Service Medal - Awarded to any memebr of the Mississippi National Guard for honoraqble service to the State of Mississippi for duty performed during a major tour of state emergency duty declared by the Adjutant General.
  • Miss Service School Medal.JPG Mississippi Service School Medal - Awarded to any member of the Mississippi National Guard upon successful complettion of any Service School conducted by the active military services while a member of the active Mississippi National Guard not serving in active federal service.
  • Miss Longevity Medal.JPG Mississippi Longevity Medal - Awarded to any member of the Mississippi National Guard for each of a combination of four (4) years of honorable service in the active National Guard of Mississippi.
  • Miss Recruiting Medal.JPG Mississippi Recruiting Medal - Awarded to any member of the Mississippi National Guard who obtains three new members for any unit of the organized militia.
  • - Mississippi Soldier of the Year Ribbon First issued in 2012, unknown in order of precedence.


Missouri National Guard State Awards:

  • Meritorious Service Medal Missouri National Guard.PNG Missouri Meritorious Service Medal
  • Mocsm.jpg Missouri Conspicuous Service Medal
  • Mocr.jpg Missouri Commendation Ribbon
  • Modsr.jpg Missouri Desert Storm Ribbon
  • Mo20ylsr.jpg Missouri 20 Year Long Service Ribbon
  • Mo15ylsr.jpg Missouri 15 Year Long Service Ribbon
  • Mo10ylsr.jpg Missouri 10 Year Long Service Ribbon
  • Mo5ylsr.jpg Missouri 5 Year Long Service Ribbon
  • Missouri Expeditionary Ribbon.PNGMissouri Expeditionary Ribbon
  • Moedr.jpg Missouri State Emergency Duty Ribbon
  • Mopsr.jpg Missouri Panamanian Service Ribbon
  • Morrr.jpg Missouri Recruiting and Retention Ribbon
  • Moag20r.jpg Missouri Adjutant General's Twenty Ribbon
  • Mog12r.jpg Missouri Governor's Twelve Ribbon
  • Mobtr.jpg Missouri Basic Training Ribbon


Montana National Guard State Awards:

  • MTNG Distinguished Service Medal.PNG Montana Distinguished Service Medal
  • MTNG Commendation Medal.PNG Montana Commendation Medal
  • MTNG Air Medal.PNG Montana Air Medal
  • MTNG Distinguished Patriot Medal.PNG Montana Distinguished Patriot Medal
  • MTNG Recruiting Ribbon.PNG Montana Recruiting Ribbon
  • MTNG Campaign Ribbon.PNG Montana Campaign Ribbon
  • MTNG Noble Eagle Ribbon.PNG Montana Noble Eagle Ribbon
  • MTNG Overseas Training Ribbon.PNG Montana Overseas Training Ribbon
  • MTNG Volunteer Campaign Ribbon.PNG Montana Volunteer Campaign Ribbon
  • MTNG Service Ribbon.PNG Montana Service Ribbon
  • MTNG Attendance Ribbon.PNG Montana Attendance Ribbon
  • MTNG Physical Readiness Superior Ribbon.PNG Montana Physical Fitness Ribbon
  • MTNG Unit Citation Ribbon.PNG Montana Outstanding Unit


Nebraska National Guard State Awards

  • NENG Legion of Merit.png Nebraska Legion of Merit
  • NENG Meritorious Service Medal.png Nebraska Meritorious Service Medal
  • NENG Commendation Medal.png Nebraska Commendation Medal
  • NENG Outstanding Soldier Medal.png Nebraska Outstanding Soldier Medal
  • NENG Individual Achievement Medal.png Nebraska Individual Achievement Medal
  • NENG Recruiting Achievement Medal.png Nebraska Recruiting Achievement Medal
  • NENG Desert Shield-Storm Service Ribbon.png Nebraska Desert Shield/Storm Service Ribbon
  • NENG Homeland Defense Service Ribbon.png Nebraska Homeland Defense Service Ribbon
  • NENG Emergency Service Medal.png Nebraska Emergency Service Medal
  • NENG Service Medal.png Nebraska Service Medal
  • Nebraska Military Funeral Honors Ribbon.png Nebraska Military Funeral Honors Ribbon


Nevada National Guard State Awards:[11]

  • Order of Nevada.png Maj. Gen. Drennan A. Clark Order of Nevada
  • Medal of Valor.png Nevada Medal of Valor
  • NVNG Distinguished Service Medal.png Nevada Distinguished Service Medal
  • NVNG Medal of Merit.png Nevada Medal of Merit
  • Commendation Medal.png Nevada Commendation Medal
  • Command Ribbon.png Nevada Command Ribbon
  • NVNG Outstanding Airman Ribbon.png Nevada Outstanding Airman Ribbon
  • Honor Guard Ribbon.png Nevada Honor Guard Ribbon
  • Resource Protection Team Ribbon.png Nevada Resource Protection Team Ribbon
  • Emergency-Humanitarian Service Ribbon.png Nevada Emergency/Humanitarian Service Ribbon
  • Overseas Service Ribbon.png Nevada Overseas Service Ribbon
  • Meritorious Service Ribbon.png Nevada Meritorious Service Ribbon
  • NVNG Service Medal.png Nevada Service Medal
  • Nevada First Sergeant's Ribbon
  • Adjutant General's Outstanding Graduate Award.svg Nevada Adjutant General's Outstanding Graduate Award
  • State Safety Ribbon.png Nevada State Safety Ribbon
  • NVNG Recruiting Ribbon.png Nevada Recruiting Ribbon
  • NVNG Governor's Outstanding Unit Award.png Nevada Governor's Outstanding Unit Award
  • Nevada War on Terrorism Medal

New Hampshire

  • NHNG-- Commendation Medal.JPG New Hampshire National Guard Commendation Ribbon
  • NHNG -- Diustinguished Service Medal.JPG New Hampshire National Guard Distinguished Service Medal
  • NH NG Soldier-Airman of the Year.PNG New Hampshire National Guard Soldier/Airman of the Year
  • NH NG State Active Service Ribbon.PNG New Hampshire National Guard State Active Service Ribbon
  • File:Guard Recruiting Ribbon.svg New Hampshire National Guard Honorary Recruiting Ribbon
  • NHNG Counter Drug Ribbon.png New Hampshire National Guard Counterdrug Task Force Ribbon
  • NH NG Service Bar.PNG New Hampshire National Guard Service Bar

New Jersey

New Jersey National Guard State Awards:

  • Outstanding Unit Award (AF).gif New Jersey Distinguished Service Medal
  • Njmsm.jpg New Jersey Meritorious Service Medal
  • Njvr.jpg New Jersey Valor Ribbon
  • Njcm.jpg New Jersey Commendation Medal
  • Njmoh.jpg New Jersey Medal of Honor
  • Njgca.jpg New Jersey Good Conduct Ribbon
  • Njma.jpg New Jersey Merit Award
  • Njdssm.jpg New Jersey Desert Storm Service Medal
  • Njdssr.jpg New Jersey Desert Storm Ribbon
  • Njssa.jpg New Jersey State Service Award
  • Njra.jpg New Jersey Recruiting Award
  • Njgua.jpg New Jersey Governor's Unit Award
  • Njusa.jpg New Jersey Unit Strength Award

New Mexico

New Mexico National Guard State Awards:

  • New Mexico National Guard -- Medal of Valor.JPG New Mexico Medal of Valor
  • New Mexico National Guard -- Distinguished Service Medal.JPG New Mexico Distinguished Service Medal
  • New Mexico National Guard -- Medal of Merit.JPG New Mexico Medal of Merit
  • New Mexico National Guard -- Outstanding Service Medal.JPG New Mexico Outstanding Service Medal
  • New Mexico National Guard -- Long Service Medal.JPG New Mexico Long Service Medal
  • New Mexico National Guard -- Good Conduct Medal.JPG New Mexico Good Conduct Medal
  • New Mexico National Guard -- Perfect Attendance Medal.JPG New Mexico Perfect Attendance Ribbon
  • NM NG Recruiting 2.JPG New Mexico Recruiting Ribbon
  • New Mexico Academy Service Ribbon.png New Mexico Academy Service Ribbon
  • New Mexico Outstanding Unit Citation.png New Mexico Outstanding Unit Citation

New York

New York state military awards:

New York National Guard State Awards:

North Carolina

North Carolina National Guard State Awards:

  • Ncdsm.jpg North Carolina Distinguished Service Medal
  • Ncmsm.jpg North Carolina Meritorious Service Medal
  • Nccom.jpg North Carolina Commendation Medal
  • Ncam.jpg North Carolina Achievement Medal
  • Ncagmasr.jpg North Carolina Adjutant General's Meritorious Achievement Service Ribbon
  • Ncsadr.jpg North Carolina State Active Duty Ribbon
  • Ncsr.jpg North Carolina Service Ribbon
  • Ncguc.jpg North Carolina Governor's Unit Citation
  • Ncmuc.jpg North Carolina Meritorious Unit Citation
  • Ncoua.jpg North Carolina Outstanding Unit Award

North Dakota

North Dakota National Guard State Awards:

  • NDNG Distinguished Service Medal.png North Dakota Distinguished Service Medal
  • NDNG Legion of Merit Medal.png North Dakota Legion of Merit
  • NDNG Commendation Medal.png North Dakota State Commendation Medal
  • NDNG Achievement Medal.png North Dakota State Achievement Medal
  • Berlin Crisis Ribbon.svg North Dakota National Emergency Service Ribbon (Berlin Crisis)
  • CT Selected Reserve Force Medal.PNG North Dakota Selected Reserve Force Ribbon
  • North Dakota State Outstanding Unit Ribbon.png North Dakota State Outstanding Unit Ribbon
  • Adjutant General's Outstanding Graduate Award.svg North Dakota OCONUS Ribbon
  • File:Guard Recruiting Ribbon.svg North Dakota Strength Management Ribbon
  • NDNG Emergency Services Ribbon.png North Dakota Emergency Service Ribbon
  • NDNG Service Ribbon.png North Dakota Service Ribbon
  • Albtr.gif North Dakota Basic Training Ribbon
  • NDARNG Outstanding Unit Citation.png North Dakota State Outstanding Unit Citation
  • NDNG Governors Outstanding Unit Citation.png North Dakota Governor's Outstanding Unit Citation


Ohio National Guard State Awards:

  • Ohio Cross.jpg Ohio Cross Medal
  • Ohio Distinguished Service.jpg Ohio Distinguished Service Medal
  • Ohio Commendation.jpg Ohio Commendation Medal
  • Ohio Faithful Service.jpg Ohio Faithful Service Ribbon
  • Ohio Special Service.jpg Ohio Special Service Ribbon
  • Ohio Award of Merit.jpg Ohio Award of Merit Ribbon
  • Ohio Basic Training.jpg Ohio Basic Training Ribbon
  • Ohio Recruiters Achievement.jpg Ohio Recruiters Achievement Ribbon


Oklahoma National Guard State Awards:

  • OK Distinguished Service Cross.png Oklahoma Distinguished Service Cross
  • OK Star of Valor.png Oklahoma Star of Valor
  • OK Distinguished Service Medal.png Oklahoma Distinguished Service Medal
  • OK Meritorious Service Medal.png Oklahoma Meritorious Service Medal
  • OK Commendation Medal.png Oklahoma Commendation Medal
  • OK Exceptional Service Medal.png Oklahoma Exceptional Service Medal
  • OK Guardsman Medal.png Oklahoma Guardsman Medal
  • File:OK Senior Enlisted Service.png Oklahoma Senior Enlisted Leadership Ribbon
  • OK Desert Storm Service Medal.png Oklahoma Desert Storm Service Medal
  • OK Selective Reserve Force Medal.png Oklahoma Selective Reserve Medal
  • OK Alfred P. Murrah Service Medal.png Oklahoma Alfred P. Murrah Service Medal (Oklahoma Bombing)
  • OK Recruiting Ribbon.png Oklahoma Recruiting Ribbon
  • Oklahoma State Active Duty Service.JPG Oklahoma Active Duty Service Medal
  • OK Long Service Ribbon 5yr.png Oklahoma Long Service Ribbon 5 years
  • OK Long Service Ribbon 10yr.png Oklahoma Long Service Ribbon 10 years
  • OK Long Service Ribbon 15yr.png Oklahoma Long Service Ribbon 15 years
  • OK Long Service Ribbon 20yr.png Oklahoma Long Service Ribbon 20 years
  • OK Long Service Ribbon 25yr.png Oklahoma Long Service Ribbon 25 years
  • OK Long Service Ribbon 30yr.png Oklahoma Long Service Ribbon 30 years
  • OK Long Service Ribbon 35yr.png Oklahoma Long Service Ribbon 35 years
  • OK Good Conduct Ribbon.png Oklahoma Good Conduct Ribbon
  • OK Governor's Distinguished Unit Award.png Oklahoma Governor's Distinguished Unit Award
  • Oklahoma National Guard Commander’s Trophy Award Ribbon.png Oklahoma Commander's Trophy Award Ribbon


Oregon National Guard State Awards:

  • OR-DSMR.jpg Oregon Distinguished Service Medal
  • OR-ESMR.jpg Oregon Exceptional Service Medal
  • OR-MSMR.jpg Oregon Meritorious Service Medal
  • OR-CMR.jpg Oregon Commendation Medal
  • OR-30FSR.jpg Oregon 30 Year Faithful Service Medal
  • OR-ESR.jpg Oregon Emergency Service Ribbon
  • OR-SSR.jpg Oregon Superior Soldier Ribbon
  • OR-SUR.jpg Oregon Superior Unit Ribbon
  • OR-FSR.jpg Oregon Faithful Service Medal
  • OR-RR.jpg Oregon Recruiting Ribbon


Pennsylvania National Guard Commonwealth Awards:

  • PA CFV.JPG Pennsylvania Cross for Valor
  • PA DSM.JPG Pennsylvania Distinguished Service Medal
  • PANG Guardsman Medal.png Pennsylvania Guardsman Medal
  • PA MSM.JPG Pennsylvania Meritorious Service Medal
  • PA CM.JPG Pennsylvania Commendation Medal
  • PA GUC.JPG Pennsylvania Governor's Unit Citation
  • PA SR.JPG Pennsylvania Service Ribbon
  • PA GWMRM.JPG Pennsylvania GEN William Moffat-Reilly Medal
  • PA KFM.jpg Pennsylvania Keystone Freedom Medal
  • PA 20YM.JPG Pennsylvania 20 Year Medal
  • PA MGTRWM.JPG Pennsylvania MG Thomas. R. White Medal
  • PA RRM.JPG Pennsylvania Recruiting and Retention Medal
  • PA GTJSM.JPG Pennsylvania GEN Thomas. J. Stewart Medal

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico National Guard Commonwealth Awards:

  • Military Medal of Honor of the Legislative Assembly of Puerto Rico.JPG Military Medal of Honor of the Legislative Assembly of Puerto Rico
  • Distinguished Service Medal.JPG Puerto Rico Medal for Distinguished Service
  • Medal for Valor.JPG Puerto Rico Medal of Valor
  • Merit Cross.JPG Puerto Rico Merit Cross
  • Wounded Action Medal.JPG Puerto Rico Wounded in Action Medal
  • Order of the Governor of PR Common defense Service.JPG Order of the Governor of Puerto Rico Common Defense Service Medal
  • Combat Service Medal.JPG Puerto Rico Combat Service Medal
  • Commendation Medal1.JPG Puerto Rico Commendation Medal
  • Outstanding Soldier, NCO of the Year Ribbon.JPG Puerto Rico Outstanding Soldier/NCO of the Year Ribbon
  • Service Medal1.JPG Puerto Rico Service Medal
  • Exemplary Conduct Medal.JPG Puerto Rico Exemplary Conduct Ribbon
  • War Service Ribbon.JPG Puerto Rico War Service Ribbon
  • Disaster Relief Ribbon.JPG Puerto Rico Disaster Relief Ribbon
  • Hurricane Georges Ribbon.JPG Puerto Rico Hurricane Georges Ribbon
  • Active Duty for Training Ribbon.JPG Puerto Rico Active Duty for Training Ribbon
  • Caribbean Emergency Ribbon.JPG Puerto Rico Caribbean Emergency Ribbon
  • Civil Disturbance Ribbon.JPG Puerto Rico Civil Disturbance Ribbon
  • Law enforcement Ribbon.JPG Puerto Rico Law Enforcement Ribbon
  • Vlll Pan-American Games Support ribbon.JPG Puerto Rico VIII Pan-American Games Support Ribbon
  • English Language Proficiency Ribbon.JPG Puerto Rico English Language Proficiecy Ribbon
  • Counterdrug Service Ribbon.JPG Puerto Rico Counterdrug Service Ribbon
  • Regatta 92 Ribbon.JPG Puerto Rico 1992 Regatta Ribbon
  • Community Service Ribbon.JPG Puerto Rico Community Service Ribbon

Rhode Island

Rhode Island medals are prescribed in Title 30 of the Rhode Island Code.

South Carolina

South Carolina National Guard State Awards:

  • Distinguished Service Medal1.JPG South Carolina Palmetto Cross
  • SC Medal of Valor.JPG South Carolina Medal of Valor
  • SC Exceptional Service Medal.JPG South Carolina Exceptional Service Medal
  • SC Extraordinary Achievement Medal.JPG South Carolina Extraordinary Achievement Medal
  • SC Meritorious Service Medal.JPG South Carolina Meritorious Service Medal
  • SC Achievement Ribbon.JPG South Carolina Achievement Ribbon
  • SC State Service Medal.JPG South Carolina State Service Ribbon
  • SC Retirement Medal.JPG South Carolina Retirement Medal
  • Distinguished Service Medal1.JPG South Carolina Palmetto Service Ribbon
  • File:SC Mobilization Support Award Ribbon.jpg South Carolina National Guard Mobilization Support Award Ribbon
  • SC Recruiting and Retention Achievement Medal.JPG South Carolina Recruiting and Retention Achievement Medal
  • SC Safety Service Ribbon.JPG South Carolina Safety Service Ribbon
  • SC Counter-Drug Ribbon.JPG South Carolina Counter-Drug Ribbon
  • SC Governor's Unit Citation.JPG South Carolina Governor's Unit Citation

South Dakota

South Dakota National Guard State Awards:

  • South Dakota Medal of Valor.JPG South Dakota Medal of Valor
  • SDNG Achievement Medal.png South Dakota Achievement Ribbon
  • SDNG Distinguished Service Award.png South Dakota Distinguished Service Award
  • SDNG Emergency Operations Ribbon.png South Dakota Emergency Operations Ribbon
  • File:Guard Recruiting Ribbon.svg South Dakota Recruiting Medal
  • OK Distinguished Service Cross.png South Dakota Service Medal
  • Berlin Crisis Ribbon.svg South Dakota Berlin Crisis Medal
  • DE National Defense Service Ribbon.png South Dakota Desert Storm Ribbon
  • SDNG Desert Storm Unit Citation.png South Dakota Desert Storm Unit Citation
  • SD NG Unit Citation.png South Dakota Unit Citation
  • SD NG Distinguished Unit Award.png South Dakota Distinguished Unit Award


Tennessee National Guard Awards:

  • TNNG Distinguished Service Medal.png Tennessee Distinguished Service Medal
  • TNNG Adjutant General`s Ribbon for Valor.png Tennessee Ribbon for Valor
  • TNNG Distinguished Patriot Medal.png Tennessee Distinguished Patriot Medal
  • TNNG Commendation Ribbon.png Tennessee Commendation Ribbon
  • TNNG Individual Achievement Ribbon.png Tennessee Individual Achievement Ribbon
  • TNNG Recruiting Merit Ribbon.png Tennessee Recruiting Merit Ribbon
  • TNNG National Emergency Service Medal.png Tennessee National Emergency Service Medal
  • TNNG War Service Ribbon.png Tennessee War Service Ribbon
  • TNNG Counterdrug Service Ribbon.png Tennessee Counterdrug Service Ribbon
  • TNNG Service Ribbon.png Tennessee Service Ribbon
  • TNNG Volunteer Ribbon.png Tennessee Volunteer Ribbon
  • TNNG Governor`s Meritorious Unit.png Tennessee Meritorious Unit Citation
  • TNNG Distinguished Unit.png Tennessee Distinguished Unit Citation
  • TNNG Outstanding Unit Performance.png Tennessee Outstanding Unit Performance Commendation
  • TNNG Volunteer Recruiting & Retention Unit.png Tennessee Volunteer Recruiting and Retention Unit Citation


Texas National Guard State Awards:


Utah National Guard State Awards:

Reference Pictures available at

  • Utah Medal of Valor.JPG Utah Medal of Valor
  • Utah Cross.JPG Utah Cross
  • Utah Joint Medal for Merit ribbon.JPG Utah Medal of Merit
  • Utah Commendation.JPG Utah Commendation Medal
  • Utah National Guard Deteur Digniory.png Utah Deteur Digniory
  • Utah 2002 Winter Olympics.JPG Utah 2002 Olympic Winter Games Service Ribbon
  • UT Emergency Service Ribbon.png Utah Emergency Service Ribbon
  • Utah State Partnership Program Ribbon
  • File:Guard Recruiting Ribbon.svg Utah Recruiting Ribbon
  • UT Achievement Ribbon.png Utah Achievement Ribbon
  • UT Service Ribbon.png Utah Service Ribbon
  • Albtr.gif Utah Basic Training Ribbon


Vermont National Guard State Awards:

  • Vermont Distinguished Service Medal State Award.jpg Vermont Distinguished Service Medal
  • Vermont Medal for Merit.JPG Vermont Medal of Merit
  • Vermont Commendation Medal.JPG Vermont Commendation Medal
  • Meritorious Service Ribbon.JPG Vermont Meritorious Service Ribbon
  • Outstanding Unit Award.JPG Vermont Outstanding Unit Award
  • Organizational Excellence Award.JPG Vermont Organizational Excellence Award
  • Word War II Medal.JPG Vermont World War II Medal
  • Vt National Defense Service Medal.JPG Vermont National Defense Medal
  • Good Conduct Ribbon.JPG Vermont Good Conduct Ribbon
  • Desert Strom Ribbon.JPG Vermont Desert Storm Ribbon
  • Active Duty for Training Ribbon 1.JPG Vermont Active Duty for Training Ribbon
  • Professional Development Medal.JPG Vermont Professional Development Ribbon
  • Career Service Award.JPG Vermont Career Service Award
  • Service Ribbon 1.JPG Vermont Service Ribbon
  • Duty Ribbon.JPG Vermont Duty Ribbon
  • State Special Duty Ribbon.JPG Vermont State Special Duty Ribbon

Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands National Guard Territory Awards

  • VI NG Distinguished Service Medal.PNG Virgin Islands Distinguished Service Medal
  • VI Meritorious Service Medal.JPG Virgin Islands Meritorious Service Medal
  • VI National Guard Commendation Medal.JPG Virgin Islands Commendation Medal
  • VI NG Medal for Long and Faithful Service.PNG Virgin Islands Long and Faithful Service Medal
  • VI NG Emergency Service Ribbon.PNG Virgin Islands Emergency Service Ribbon


Listed in order of precedence when worn or displayed:

  • VANG Distinguished Service Medal.png Virginia Distinguished Service Medal
  • Va Legion of Merit.JPG Virginia National Guard Legion of Merit
  • Va National Guard Bronze Star Medal.JPG Virginia National Guard Bronze Star Medal
  • Va Commendation Medal.JPG Virginia National Guard Commendation Medal
  • Va Governors National Service Medal.JPG Virginia Governor's National Service Medal
  • Va National Guard 6 year Service Medal.JPG Virginia National Guard 3-year Service Ribbon
  • OK Distinguished Service Cross.png Virginia National Guard Homeland Defense Ribbon
  • VANG Emergency Service Ribbon.png Virginia National Guard Emergency Service Ribbon
  • VANG Perfect Attendance Ribbon.png Virginia National Guard Perfect Attendance Ribbon
  • VANG Strength Management Ribbon.png Virginia National Guard Strength Maintenance Ribbon
  • Virginia National Guard Military Funeral Honors Ribbon


Washington National Guard State Awards:

  • WADSM.jpg Washington Distinguished Service Medal
  • WALOM.jpg Washington Legion of Merit Medal
  • WAGM.jpg Washington Guardsman Medal
  • WAMSM.jpg Washington Meritorious Service Medal
  • WACM.jpg Washington Commendation Medal
  • WAAM.jpg Washington Achievement Medal
  • WASMR.jpg Washington Strength Management Ribbon
  • WAESR.jpg Washington Emergency Service Ribbon
  • WANGSR.jpg Washington National Guard Service Ribbon
  • WAUC.jpg Washington Unit Citation (Right Side)
  • Washington State Defense Service Ribbon

Washington Air National Guard Awards:

  • ANG Aerial Achievement Medal.gif Aerial Achievement Medal

West Virginia

West Virginia National Guard State Awards:

  • SDNG Distinguished Service Award.png West Virginia Distinguished Service Medal
  • WVNG Legion of Merit.png West Virginia Legion of Merit
  • WVNG Meritorious Service Medal.png West Virginia Meritorious Service Medal
  • WVNG Commendation Medal.png West Virginia Commendation Medal
  • WVNG Achievement Medal.png West Virginia Achievement Medal
  • WVNG Emergency Service Ribbon.png West Virginia Emergency Service Ribbon
  • WVNG State Service Ribbon.png West Virginia State Service Ribbon
  • WVNG Service Ribbon.png West Virginia Service Ribbon
  • WVNG Minuteman Ribbon.png West Virginia Minuteman Ribbon
  • WVNG Distinguished Unit Award.png West Virginia Distinguished Unit Award


Wisconsin National Guard State Awards:

  • Meritorious Service Medal.JPG Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs Meritorious Service Medal
  • Duty Ribbon.JPG Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs Commendation Medal
  • Distinguished Service Medal1.JPG Wisconsin Distinguished Service Medal
  • Recruiting Bar Ribbon.JPG Wisconsin National Guard Recruiting Bar
  • Service Ribbon.JPG Wisconsin National Guard Service Ribbon
  • Emergency Service Ribbon1.JPG Wisconsin National Guard Emergency Service Ribbon
  • Write Medal.JPG Wisconsin National Guard Write Medal
  • Southwest Asia Service Ribbon.JPG Wisconsin National Guard Southwest Asia Service Ribbon
  • Eisenhower Trophy Unit Ribbon.JPG Eisenhower Trophy Unit Citation
  • Berlin Crisis Ribbon.JPG Berlin Crisis Ribbon


Wyoming National Guard State Awards

  • Wyoming Medal for Excellence.JPG Wyoming National Guard Association Medal for Excellence
  • Distinguished Service Medal
  • Guard Meritorious Achievement Ribbon.svg Meritorious Achievement Medal
  • File:Guard Outstanding Service Ribbon.svg Outstanding Service Ribbon
  • Exceptional Achievement Ribbon
  • WY Guard Achivement Ribbon.svg Achievement Ribbon
  • Berlin Crisis Ribbon.svg Berlin Crisis Ribbon
  • Selected Reserve Force Ribbon
  • Wyoming National Guard Service Ribbon
  • State Active Duty Ribbon
  • File:Guard Recruiting Ribbon.svg Wyoming National Guard Recruiting Ribbon

No longer authorized for wear

  • Wyoming 5 year Service Medal.JPG Wyoming Air National Guard 5-year Service Medal
  • Wyoming 10 year Service Medal.JPG Wyoming Air National Guard 10-year Service Medal
  • Wyoming Philippine Campaign Medal.JPG Wyoming Philippine Campaign Medal


Further reading

  • Lewis, Kenneth C. (1976). Military medals, awards, and service badges of Iowa. Kenneth C. Lewis. OCLC 2372611. 

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