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Armed Forces Reserve Medal ribbon with "M" Device & Numeral 2 device

An Arabic Numeral device or Numeral device[1] sometimes called an "Award numeral", is a United States military service device[2] that may be authorized for wear on specific service ribbons and suspension ribbons of medals. Arabic numeral devices are bronze or gold in color and are 3/16 inch in height.

Arabic numerals are worn to denote award of a second or subsequent award for which a member has already received the initial decoration or award.[3] The ribbon denotes the first award and numerals starting with the numeral 2 denote the number of additional awards.[4] The 3/16 inch numerals are similar to the 5/16 inch Strike/Flight numerals worn by the United States Navy and Marine Corps.[5][6][7][8]

U.S. military decorations and awards that may be authorized an Arabic Numeral device are as follows:

With the exception of the Air Medal and Armed Forces Reserve Medal service ribbons and suspension ribbons, the United States Army is the only service branch to currently use numerals on other service ribbons. During World War II, some Navy construction battalions (Seabees) were issued the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal with numerals instead of service stars.[10]

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