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Austrått Fort is a disused coastal artillery site located at Austrått in Ørland, Norway. It was constructed in 1942 by the German Wehrmacht to protect the Trondheimsfjord during the German occupation of Norway during World War II. The fort's centerpiece is a triple 28 cm SK C/34 naval gun turret from the German battleship Gneisenau, which was damaged in Kiel. The three gun turret weighs 800 tonnes and was capable of firing 38 kilometers (24 mi). The last firing took place in 1953 and the fort was decommissioned in 1968. It opened as a museum in 1991.[1]


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Coordinates: 63°42′30″N 9°43′19″E / 63.708301°N 9.722031°E / 63.708301; 9.722031

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