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Austin K5
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Austin K5 general cargo lorry
Type Military truck
Place of origin  United Kingdom
Service history
In service Second World War
Production history
Manufacturer Austin Motor Company
Produced 1941-1945
Number built 12,280
Weight 6.7 tonnes
Length 19 ft 8 inches (5.99 m)
Width 7 ft 3 inch (2.21 m)
Height 9 ft 11 in (3.02 m)

Armour None
Engine Austin 6-cylinder, 3995 cc petrol
85 hp
Payload capacity 3 tons
Suspension Wheel, 4 × 4

The Austin K5 was a British heavy military truck built by the Austin Motor Company for use during the Second World War.

The K5 was used with open body and cab for carrying the Ordnance QF 6 pounder anti-tank gun portee in the North African Campaign or with an enclosed cab for General Service (GS). Enclosed body versions were used for salvage and rescue work in the UK.


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