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Auk-class minesweeper
USS Chief AM-315 in 1952.jpg
USS Chief (AM-315)
Class overview
Name: Auk
Operators:  United States Navy
 Royal Navy(under Lend-Lease)
 Hellenic Navy
 Philippine Navy
 Turkish Navy
 Mexican Navy
 Republic of China Navy
Preceded by: Raven-class minesweeper
Succeeded by: USS Eagle (AM-132)
General characteristics
Type: Minesweeper
Displacement: 890 tons
1,100 tons (full load)
Length: 221 ft 2 in (67.41 m)
Beam: 32 ft 0 in (9.75 m)
Draught: 11 inches
Propulsion: Diesel electric drive, twin screws, 3,500 hp (2,600 kW)
Speed: 9-12 knots (standard)
18 knots (maximum)
Complement: Approximately 100 crew
Armament: 1x3in (76mm)/50 caliber gun (1x1)
2 x 40 mm Bofors
8 x 20 mm Oerlikons
2 depth charge tracks

The Auk class were Allied minesweepers serving with the United States Navy and the British Royal Navy during the Second World War. In total, there were 95 Auks built.

Design and development

The Auk class displaced 890 tons on average, and had an approximate length of 220-225 feet. They could reach a maximum speed of about 18.1 knots (33.5 km/h). Auks were equipped with a single 3 inch gun, two 40 mm Bofors guns, and eight 20 mm Oerlikon guns.

Thirty-two minesweepers were ordered by the US (as BAM-1 to -32), intending them to be supplied to the Royal Navy under Lend-lease; 12 were retained for USN use and given names and the "AM" hull classification prefix.[1] Those transferred to the RN were named as the Catherine class receiving "J" pennant number prefixes.

Eleven minesweepers of the Auk class were lost in World War II, six to direct enemy action including USS Skill, torpedoed by U-593.

List of Auk class minesweepers

Royal Navy

  • HMS Catherine (J12) - transferred to Turkey in March 1947 and renamed Erdemli. Stricken 1963.
  • HMS Cato (J16) Sunk 6 July 1944 by German Neger human torpedo.
  • HMS Chamois (J28) Damaged by mine, 21 July 1944.
  • HMS Chance (J340) To Turkey, March 1947. Renamed Edremit. Stricken 1973.
  • HMS Combatant (J341) Returned to US, 1946. Sold to Greece 1947.
  • HMS Cynthia (J345) Returned to US, 1947. Scrapped 1947.
  • HMS Elfreda (J402) To Turkey, March 1947. Renamed Cesme. Stricken 1974.
  • HMS Fairy (J403) Returned to US, 1946.
  • HMS Florizel (J404) Returned to US, 1946. Sold to Greece.
  • HMS Foam (J405) Returned to US, 1946.
  • HMS Frolic (J406) To Turkey, March 1947. Renamed Candarli. Became survey ship in 1960s. Stricken 1986.
  • HMS Gazelle (J342) Returned to US, 1946.
  • HMS Gorgon (J346) Returned to US, 1946. Sold to Greece.
  • HMS Grecian (J352) To Turkey March 1947. Renamed Edincik. Stricken 1974.
  • HMS Jasper (J407) Returned to US, 1946.
  • HMS Magic (J400) Sunk 6 July 1944 by German Neger human torpedo.
  • HMS Pique (J23) To Turkey March 1947. Renamed Ereğli. Stricken 1973
  • HMS Pylades (J401) Sunk 8 July 1944 by German Biber human torpedo
  • HMS Steadfast (J375) Returned to United States in 1946. Sold to Greece.
  • HMS Strenuous (J335) Returned to United States 1946, but laid up until 1956 in the UK. Broken up in Germany, 1956.
  • HMS Tattoo (J374) To Turkey, March 1947. Renamed Carsamba. Stricken 1985.
  • HMS Tourmaline (J339) To Turkey, March 1947. Renamed Cardak. Stricken 1974.

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