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August 2004 Moscow Metro bombing
Location Moscow, Russia
Date 31 August 2004
Deaths 10
Non-fatal injuries

The August 2004 Moscow metro bombing took place in the morning on August 31, 2004, when a female suicide bomber blew herself up outside Rizhskaya metro station, killing at least 10 people and wounding 50.[1]

The official investigation concluded that it was organized by the same group as the February 2004 Moscow metro bombing, as well as two previous terrorist attacks on bus stops in Voronezh, southern Russia, in 2004. The deaths included the bomber and her accomplice, Nikolay Kipkeev (Kipkeyev), the head of an Islamic militant group Karachay Jamaat from the republic of Karachay–Cherkessia, as the bomb apparently exploded prematurely while the two were standing in the entrance hall of the metro station.[2][3]


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