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Attack on the SS Baton Rouge Victory
Part of the Vietnam War
DateAugust 23, 1966
LocationLong Tau River, 22 miles southeast of Saigon, South Vietnam
Result Viet Cong victory
FNL Flag.svg Viet Cong Flag of the United States.svg United States
Commanders and leaders
FNL Flag.svg Ho Xuan Canh Flag of the United States.svg Unknown
Units involved
10th Special Operations Group SS Baton Rouge Victory
20 commandos 1 freighter
Casualties and losses
None 1 freighter sunk
7 U.S. civilian employees killed.

On August 23, 1966, Viet Cong commandos attacked and sank the Victory ship SS Baton Rouge Victory using two 2,400-pound mines[1] when it was proceeding through the Long Tau River, about 22 miles southeast of Saigon, killing seven American civilian sailors on board. This was the first case a U.S. vessel was sunk by the enemy in the Saigon ship channel.[2][3]

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