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Atalanta (1883)
Atalanta photographed by Nathaniel Stebbins in 1887
Name: Atalanta
Owner: Jay Gould
Builder: William Cramp & Sons, Philadelphia
Fate: Sold to Venezuelan Navy 1900
Career (Venezuela)
Name: Restaurador
Acquired: 1900
General characteristics as built
Type: Yacht
Length: 228 ft (69 m)

Restaurador, Olaf Rahardt

Atalanta was a 228-foot (69 m) steam yacht built in Philadelphia by William Cramp & Sons in 1883 for the financier Jay Gould. It was sold to the Venezuelan Navy in 1900 where it served as the gunboat Restaurador (Restorer). It was captured by the Imperial German Navy during the Venezuelan crisis of 1902–03 and put into service under a German flag as part of the blockading squadron. After the crisis, it was returned to the Venezuelans. It was renamed General Salom and continued in service until 1950.[1]


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