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The Askoriya AMR is a bullpup, anti material concept from Ukraine.


In the early 1990s in Ukraine, the extinct company KBST, led by Professor Alekseenko was created unique in

Askoriya AMR sniper rifle

its kind large-caliber sniper rifle "Askoriya. The rifle was created in the layout "Bullpup" in which the store is located behind the handle, and all arrangements are in stock. This reduces the overall length of arms in the same barrel length. Caliber rifle 13.2 mm. Unique because it can be called that, as a source of ammunition was taken from a French cartridge gun Hotchkiss model 1917. From his pocket and taken the original caliber. And as a striking element is used piercing arrow with a detachable plastic tray. Such munitions were developed in the USSR in the 60 years Dvoryaninova and Shiryaev. A Shiryaev created under these experimental automatic AO-27.

The rifle is designed to carry out a mission to destroy enemy troops and light armored vehicles of the enemy at a distance of 1500m. According to the retired Major held Chechnya, he had seen the rifle in the Caucasus. Although officially it is not issued and adopted was not accepted. Here is a quote from him: "Material arrows - up from the usual hardened alloyed with chromium and vanadium with a filler of tungsten steel. Military option is adopted due to the high cost of the official was not adopted, but is know that it was manufactured and produced in small quantities in various ways and we, in the PRC."


  • Overall length: 1165mm
  • Total weight: 7 kg
  • Length of the ammunition: 124mm
  • Size: 13,2mm
  • Bullet weight: 17.5g
  • Muzzle velocity (m/s): 1500 m/s
  • Maximum pressure: 4500 kg/cm2
  • Magazine capacity: 5-11 bullets
  • Armor piercing at a distance of 600m:
    • Steel Sheet - 50mm
    • Bulletproof Glass - 250mm


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