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Ashantee Medal
Ashantee Medal obv and rev.png
Obverse and reverse of the medal
Awarded by UK
Type Campaign medal
Eligibility British, Colonial and native forces
Awarded for Campaign Service
Campaign Third Anglo-Ashanti War
Description Silver, 36.5mm diameter
Clasps Coomassie
Established 1 June 1874
Related Ashanti Star (1896)
Ashanti Medal (1901)
Ashantee War Medal BAR.svg
Ribbon bar of the medal

The Ashantee Medal is a British campaign medal instituted on the 1st June 1874 for award to British, Colonial and allied native forces deployed against the army of the Ashanti King Koffee Kalkalli, during the Third Anglo-Ashanti War.[1]


Obverse: the diademed, veiled head of Queen Victoria and the inscription VICTORIA REGINA.

Reverse: a scene of bush fighting between British and Ashanti, as inspired by the campaign.

Ribbon: yellow with black edges and two narrow black central stripes.


COOMASSIE: awarded to those present at Amoaful and the capture of the capital, or those protecting the lines communication north of the Prah river.


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