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File:Aselsan SMASH 30mm remote controlled weapon station.jpg
Type Remote controlled weapon station
Place of origin Turkey
Production history
Designer Aselsan
Manufacturer Aselsan
Weight 1,250 kilograms (2,760 lb) (Including gun and 150 rds ammunition)
Crew 1

Caliber 30×173mm
Elevation -20° to +70° (gun)
-30° to +80° (EO sights)
Traverse 160° (without slipring)
360° (with slipring)
Rate of fire 200 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity 1,080 metres per second (3,500 ft/s) (HEI-T ammunition)
Effective range 5,100 metres (16,700 ft)
Feed system Dual
Sights Thermal camera, TV camera and laser range finder

The SMASH is a type of remote controlled weapon station manufactured by Aselsan of Turkey.[1][2] The system is fitted with 30mm Mk44 Bushmaster II auto-cannon.[1]


The weapon is mounted on a stabilized pedestal mounting which allows it to remain on target as the platform beneath it moves. The mounting does not penetrate the platform (except cables), making it relatively simple to fit the weapon to ships.[1][2]

The electroptical suit of SMASH is independent and separately stabilized. This enables surveillance and target tracking without aiming the gun to the target. Using its sight, the SMASH system can provide surveillance and target-tracking entirely without outside assistance, allowing it to function fully independently. It also can be integrated with the combat management system of a ship. Its integrated training simulator provides crew training. There is also a manual operation mode as a back-up.[1][2]

150 (2 x 75) rounds are carried on the mounting with dual feed system. The mount can traverse 360° when EO sights elevate between -30° to +80° and gun elevate between -20° to +70°. The system can be used during day and night under various weather.[1][2]


  • Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency
    • Tun Fatimah-class offshore patrol vessel: Each of the three Tun Fatimah-class OPVs will be fitted with one Aselsan SMASH as primary armament.
    • Bagan Datuk-class patrol vessel: Each of the six Bagan Datuk-class PVs fitted with one Aselsan SMASH as primary armament.


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