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Asâkir-i Mansûre-i Muhammediye
(عساكر منصورهٔ محمديه)
Ertugrulsuvarialayi zonaro.jpg
Asakir-i Mansure-i Muhammediye uniforms, Ertuğrul cavalry regiment
Active June 16, 1826 – 1920
Disbanded 1912 (de facto), 1918 (Armistice of Mudros)
Country Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire
Size 350,000
Garrison/HQ Istanbul and Selanik (Thessaloniki)
Agha Hussein Pasha (Ağa Hüseyin Paşa, 1826–?)

The Mansure Army (Ottoman Turkish language: عساكر منصورهٔ محمديه, Asâkir-i Mansûre-i Muhammediye, "The Victorious Soldiers of Muhammad") was an ocak of the Ottoman army.[1][2] It was established by Mahmud II,[3] who also disbanded the Janissary Corps.

After The Auspicious Incident and the disbandment of the Janissary Corps, Mahmud II established a new military ocak and Agha Hussein Pasha was appointed to the command of the corps. Husrev Pasha served as their serasker.

Mahmud II was not the first sultan who started the modernisation of the Ottoman army. Despite of this, the Mansure Army became the main army corps of the Ottoman Empire until the Dissolution era. In 1912, the uniforms of the ocak were changed and finally in 1918, Ottoman army was dissolved.


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